Waterfalls in Utah against rocks and trees in the background


Utah is widely recognized for its striking landscapes, including a host of impressive waterfalls. From hidden gems to popular cascades, these waterfalls in Utah punctuate the state’s diverse terrain.

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to some of Utah’s most iconic waterfalls and to EDGEhomes’ unique proposition: living near these natural marvels. If the idea of having a waterfall close to your dream home appeals to you, read on to learn more about what EDGEhomes has to offer.


Calf Creek Falls is a breathtaking waterfall in Utah within the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in southern Utah. This 126-foot-high waterfall creates a refreshing oasis in the desert. The falls are divided into lower and upper sections, with the lower falls being the most visited due to its accessibility. The journey to the lower falls is as rewarding as the destination itself; a six-mile round-trip hike goes through a canyon with ancient Native American rock art, diverse vegetation, and towering sandstone cliffs. Plus, the turquoise pool at the base of the waterfall provides a contrast to the reddish-orange backdrop of the canyon walls.


Donut Falls is a notable waterfall in Utah’s Big Cottonwood Canyon. Its distinct feature is the water that flows through a hole in the rock, giving it the appearance of a donut. The hike to reach the falls is short and suitable for most, making it a popular choice for a quick outing. The surrounding forested area provides a pleasant atmosphere, and many visitors climb the nearby rocks for a closer view of the unique formation.


 One of the waterfalls in Utah surrounded by trees and rocks

Lower Provo River Falls is located in the Uinta Mountains along the Mirror Lake Highway. This series of cascades offers a picturesque view as water flows over various rock levels. You can easily access them from the highway, with viewing platforms available for visitors to enjoy the falls. The best time to visit is during the spring and early summer when the river is fueled by snowmelt, showcasing the falls at their most vibrant. It’s a quiet yet noteworthy attraction in Utah’s array of waterfalls.


Stewart Falls is a two-tiered waterfall located near Mount Timpanogos in the Wasatch Range. It reaches a height of almost 200 feet, and it’s set against a backdrop of forests and mountain scenery. The trail leading to Stewart Falls offers hikers a mix of wooded areas and open meadows. Depending on the season, the flow of the falls can vary from a powerful rush to a gentle cascade.


Hidden Falls is located in Big Cottonwood Canyon and is known for its easy accessibility. A short hike leads visitors to the waterfall, which flows over moss-covered rocks. Despite its close proximity to the trailhead, this waterfall in Utah provides a peaceful escape. It’s a popular spot for those seeking a quick outing or an introduction to Utah’s natural attractions.


One of the waterfalls in Utah off a red rock cliff

The waterfalls at Emerald Pools Trail are a highlight of Zion National Park in Utah. They are located along a well-traveled path and they offer varying views as they cascade into vibrant, emerald-hued pools. The trail consists of different tiers—Lower, Middle, and Upper—each providing a unique perspective of the falls and surrounding landscape. As hikers progress along the trail, they encounter waterfalls of different magnitudes, some flowing gently into tranquil pools and others cascading more dramatically. The waterfalls at Emerald Pools are a must-visit for anyone exploring Zion National Park.


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