Our Interior Designers

Heather Miller | VP of Design

I gained an early love for the way things look working as an event planner/floral designer in a family-owned floral business. I began to study Fine Arts at Westminster College and eventually went on to receive a degree in Interior Design at LDS Business College in Salt Lake City. While there, I was invited to work as a junior designer with one of the top interior design firms in the country. This is when I gained a real appreciation for the design process. One of my favorite things about interior design is walking with a client through the entire design process. I thoroughly enjoy meeting with new clients, discovering their design needs, and creating a home that fits their personal style—perfectly. I believe design should be tailored and personal, which is why I love working for EDGEhomes.

Andreah Allred

My Mom says I received my gift of Interior Design from my Grandma, who could make any room in the house look like a magazine cover and feel so inviting! Growing up I would take any opportunity I could to use my creativity in art and design! I studied Interior Design in high school, and I could not get enough! My love for learning led me to Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) where I completed my degree. Over the years I have flipped houses, staged homes for real estate agents, modernized office designs, and assisted clients and family members with their personal homes. I love all aspects of design! I enjoy meeting with new buyers and helping them find the ambience of their home! Working for EDGEhomes gives me that opportunity to share my passion with others!

Sadie Jensen

Growing up a daughter of two DIY home renovation parents, I was constantly surrounded by renovation. I was always trying to get involved in whatever new project my dad had come up with, learning these skills from him was all I could have asked for. I was finally able to convince him to “flip” two apartments where I was able to do everything from tear down the ceilings and walls to build, paint, and furnish. My admiration of my parents’ love for remodeling and creating sparked my love for design at a young age. Creating has always been a big part of my life, so much so I started my own woodworking shop as a creative outlet so I could continue with my passion of building and designing! I am constantly looking at floor plans and designs and love bringing in the world around me as inspiration to my Boho/Farmhouse style. Working at EDGEhomes gives me the opportunity to do exactly what I love and excites me to help people with one of the fun parts of life, building their homes!

Janna Chappell

I have always had a passion for interior design.  I consistently find inspiration in anything creative, beautiful, or unique—whether in architecture, fashion, art, or interiors.  I took my desire to excel in design to Utah State University where I earned a bachelor’s degree in interior design.  After that, during an internship in New York City with Magdalena Keck Interior Design, I studied and developed my personal favorite style—traditional chic. It was also there that I learned to love sophisticated, neutral palettes with timeless textures and patterns.  Currently, I absolutely love working at EDGEhomes.  I love meeting new people and helping them create beautiful homes that are unique and individualized to fit their distinctive lifestyles and personalities.

Jenny Read

I first got into interior design when I was younger. I would rearrange the furniture in my bedroom at least once every few months, and the colors at least every year or two. My love for design grew when I took an intro design class in high school and decided that it was what I wanted to be ‘when I grew up’. As I worked on my bachelor’s degree in interior design from Brigham Young University – Idaho, I developed my own personal design style—mixing traditional style with contemporary pieces. After graduating, I worked for a custom drapery company before starting as a designer with a homebuilder.  Now, working with EDGEhomes, my favorite part is getting to meet so many new buyers and helping each one personalize their home to make it their own.

Jessica Tuitama

I grew up in Nevada just miles away from the glamorous Las Vegas strip. Having watched many hotels be built and designed, I gained an interest for the design process and all that is involved with making a space comfortable and functional for a large variety of people. I received my degree in Interior Design from LDS Business College in Salt Lake City and interned with one of the leading design firms in the country during my education. I am continuously expanding my favorite design style, modern farmhouse, by combining my past and current surroundings. I love to combine light, neutral color palettes and textured woods to achieve a look that is as beautifully refined as it is inviting. My strong knowledge of residential design and new home construction helps to fulfill my mission – guiding you through the design process helping you to formulate your own aesthetic as you build your perfect home.

Katie Elliott

Having watched my dad build the home I grew up in, as well as helping him with weekend projects first sparked my interest in construction and design. That passion has led me to undertake many of my own projects and helping others with theirs as well. All of these influences have led me to earn my double Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design and Technical Sales from Weber State University. I’ve come to love all styles of design but my personal taste is contemporary with a touch of eclectic. With over 8 years of experience, I have gained a variety of design skills and have learned how to apply my education to create beautiful and functional homes here at EDGEhomes. I firmly believe the most important part of design is the ability to understand each person’s unique style and dreams, and bring them to reality while creating an extraordinary experience. Whenever I’m around stunning and unique design it gets my heart pumping. I truly love what I do.

Kaylie Rushton

Interior design is my passion and as a Design Assistant for EDGEhomes I love what I do!  I am constantly seeking opportunity to become more clever and creative.  I’ve always loved creating interesting spaces- starting from the time I was a young girl and made a dollhouse out of a shoe box.  I earned a degree in Interior Design from LDS Business College in Salt Lake City, and then began my career with EDGEhomes shortly after.  It is so much fun to be a part of this team and help buyers as they come in and share their excitement in building their homes!

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