Children's Justice Center

The Friends nonprofit supports the mission of the Children’s Justice Center in Salt Lake County (CJCSLCo), an essential resource for child victims of crime and their families. Annually, more than 3,700 children, teens, and their family members turn to the CJCSLCo for help. It’s a place where care and justice meet, offering a secure space for survivors of abuse. Friends 501(c)(3) nonprofit supports the fundraising efforts for the CJC with a mission to help those visiting the Center turn trauma into resilience.

Here’s what the Children’s Justice Center of Salt Lake County is doing to help our community’s children.

What Is the Children’s Justice Center?

The Children’s Justice Center serves as a haven for children who have experienced various forms of severe trauma, including physical and sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, sexual assault, kidnapping, drug endangerment, and internet exploitation, as well as those who have witnessed domestic violence or violent crimes. The CJC plays a pivotal role during the investigative process by providing a child-friendly environment where young victims can safely share their experiences.

The center not only facilitates the recounting of their stories but also ensures that these children receive or are referred to essential services, including counseling, medical care, and restitution. This approach is crucial in reducing secondary trauma and offers a supportive setting for children to begin their journey toward hope, healing, and justice.

Mission of the Children’s Justice Center

“To provide a comfortable, child-friendly atmosphere where children receive coordinated services during the child abuse investigative process.”

Lonely child sitting on her bedroom floor

Children’s Justice Center Services


Here are some of the services the Children’s Justice Center provides:

Crisis Intervention


Trauma-trained therapists

Community-based services and Victim Financial Assistance

Forensic Interviews for child and teen victims and witnesses

Coordinate the investigative process with Law Enforcement and Child Protection Agencies

Multidisciplinary teamwork with involved agencies

Onsite medical clinic

Specialized training for allied agency professionals

Children’s Justice Center of Salt Lake County


Here’s what the Friends is doing to support the needs of the Children’s Justice Center of Salt Lake County:


The Friends’ mission is to empower child victims of crime and their families to transform trauma into resilience. The Friends fundraise to support the Children’s Justice Center program, ensuring children are able to safely tell their story, seek justice, and find hope and healing through comprehensive wraparound services. Join us in raising awareness for the Friends mission today. Become a Friend.

EDGEhomes Is a Friend of the Children’s Justice Center of Salt Lake County



At EDGEhomes, we recognize the profound and meaningful impact of the Children’s Justice Center’s mission, so we’ve partnered with the Friends of the CJCSLCo to do what we can to contribute to the cause. This partnership reflects EDGEhomes’ commitment to contributing positively to Utah communities with organizations that make a real difference in the lives of those they serve.



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