Idea Gallery

Welcome to the EDGEhomes Idea Gallery. In this area, you’ll find images that we’ve chosen to showcase some of our new homes in Utah. This includes past projects, as well as images that we felt may bring you inspiration. To filter your results, choose the type of images you’d like to see and click SEARCH. To return to the unfiltered menu, click RESET. For more ideas check out our Pinterest account!

EDGEhomes has a newly constructed, state of the art Design Studio located in Draper, Utah. This Design Studio is a completely unique part of EDGE’s home-buying experience that gives buyers an easy, hands-on design experience. It’s more interactive than ever before and helps buyers get a great idea of what their home will look like based on their selections.

In the Design Studio, homeowners meet with a member of the EDGEhomes design team. Each of the designers have extensive experience and knowledge that they bring to the table while meeting with buyers. The designers help homebuyers sort through thousands of design options in order to create a personalized design that fits their family and lifestyle. The hands on interaction allows EDGEhomes to make the home designing process all about the homeowner. At the end of the day, the main goal is to build a home that is beautiful and functional at the same time.  

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Have you wanted to know what it feels like to walk through one of our new homes without the obligation of scheduling a walkthrough? Check out our 3D tours! You will see the wonderful floor plans that we use in our gorgeous new homes.

This section features images of some of our interiors arranged by specific room types. For example, if you want to see images of Master Bathrooms in EDGEhomes Condominiums, there’s a specific area for those images. Exterior images are arranged by the type of dwelling—Single Family Home, Townhome, or Condominium. If you are looking for interior decorating tips, this gallery can be very useful. At EDGEhomes we excel at building new homes in Utah.