If you’re wondering why homes for sale in Utah are getting bought up at an astounding rate, look no further. Between its booming economy, endless outdoor recreation, and beautiful communities, there’s something for everyone in this great state. Here we’ll explain a bit more why going with a Utah home builder is the ideal choice.

Booming Economy

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When deciding where to live, it’s important to take into account the economy in the general area, as it can affect your life in a multitude of ways. One reason so many have moved to Utah is its thriving economy. In the last ten years, Utah has been the “fastest-growing state in the country” (1).

Utah’s economy is so strong that it not only survived, but thrived both during and after the pandemic. In fact, “Utah’s economy has bounced back from the COVID-19 pandemic and the state ‘leads the nation in its economic recovery'”. Additionally, “the gross domestic product is now higher than before the recession in 2020” (1).

One of the key proponents of the thriving economy and job creation is the technology sector. A study found “nearly 10 percent of the total workforce” was owed to the tech sector, and 11.5% of the economy. All of this points to even more growth and an exciting future for Utah’s economy. This year, tech companies are predicted to add 245,000 jobs (2). The future is bright in Utah.

Outdoor Recreation

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“The terrain and topography of Utah are such that there’s always a trail, hill, body of water, or mountain nearby.”

It’s no secret that another huge draw to living in Utah is what it has to offer in terms of things to do. More specifically, the outdoor sights and recreational opportunities are arguably some of the best in the nation.

A quick visit to the Utah’s Life Elevated website reveals a list of some of the amazing activities that are popular and easy to do in the state’s terrific landscape, including but not limited to: backpacking, cross-country skiing, cycling, fishing, off-roading, rock climbing, bouldering, canyoneering, stargazing, horseback riding, and camping.

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One of the most unique aspects of the state of Utah is that, while these activities are more novel in other states due to accessibility, in Utah you’re never far from a spot to participate in any number of them. The terrain and topography of Utah are such that there’s always a trail, hill, body of water, or mountain nearby! This makes living in Utah a perpetually exciting adventure. 

Beautiful Communities

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As the premiere home builder in Utah, EDGEhomes prides itself on taking advantage of all of the great things about living in Utah when we design and build our master planned communities. From the landscape to accessibility to schools and shopping, every detail is taken into account.

There are so many reasons to buy in a new home community, namely, the quality, the amenities, and the prime locations. EDGEhomes has been building in Utah for years, and, as such, knows the value that communities bring to their respective areas.

This Is the Place

We take pride in being the premiere Utah home builder and are delighted to offer communities all over the Wasatch Front. Check out our communities today to see which one is your perfect fit!