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We Don't Build Homes Like We Used To

Whether you’ve considered buying a new home recently, are in the process of doing so, or are still not quite sure what the best fit is for you, it can feel like there’s a lot to consider. When looking at an old home versus a new build, you might wonder what the benefits are – some of which we’ve touched on here.

A new house built in 2020 will be different from the one you grew up in, or even a house from ten years ago! But what are the actual aspects of a new house that can make a difference in your life? Over the years, EDGEhomes has adopted and implemented the use of cutting-edge technology, and consistently used quality materials and expert craftsmanship. We pride ourselves in offering high quality construction, upgrades, quality control, and an informed and involved buyer experience that will make for an easy home buying process, as well as give you peace of mind in the years to come in your home. Let’s take a look at some of the things that EDGEhomes does that set us apart from homes past!

Exterior view of EDGEhomes Ridge

Superior Construction

The construction and quality of the home is of the highest priority at EDGEhomes. The use of extensive quality control checklists from pre-construction, to pre-dig, framing, siding, landscaping, and beyond, ensures that everything is up to code, and that the pieces of the house will all perform at the highest caliber.

PEX Plumbing Systems

The materials used in our homes are all modern and the most efficient for the space. Our plumbing systems are durable, high quality PEX which has a lower carbon footprint, is not easily damaged, is much more resistant to frozen temperatures—and therefore freeze breakage—and eliminates potential health hazards that can be found with other plumbing materials. We have chosen brand name products, such as Moen fixtures for all of our plumbing fixtures to provide reputable and reliable options.

Moen faucets

Durable and Safe Materials

Our carpet and paint are both low VOC, which means that they rank well regarding the lack of chemical presence in the materials, which can also help to maintain the quality of indoor air. Our concrete includes fiberglass reinforcement, making it more durable than other concrete. These and many other materials have all been selected to create the best, long lasting final product!

Top Tier HVAC Systems

EDGEhomes construction incorporates up-to-date and efficient home systems as well. All of our condos, townhomes, and single family homes include tankless water heaters (which are much better for energy usage) as well 95.5% efficient furnaces, which requires less gas to heat your home. Our AC units are at a level of “13 SEER”, which is a modern and significantly more efficient rating than the AC unit in an older house, which could even mean that it has a better rating than an AC unit from just a few years ago. Larger EDGEhome models have separate zones and HVAC systems included, meaning lower energy bills, and a better ability to regulate the temperature in individual rooms.

EDGEhomes Plumber looking under the sink

Open Communication Between Buyer & Builder

One of the most exciting and unique aspects of EDGEhomes construction is the shared information and involvement with the buyer. Buyers at EDGEhomes will have weekly contact with their builder by text, call, or email to stay up to date on the options, progress, and schedule of their home. Once the home is built and ready to be moved into, we make certain that there will be a smooth handover process. We ensure that all of our homes meet model home standards prior to meeting with the homeowner so that the final orientation is more than just a traditional “blue tape walk”. We seek to truly educate all of our buyers on how to best care for their new home and to understand the warranty. Because we care about our buyers and our products after all the papers are signed, our homes include a warranty which covers 1 year on workmanship and materials, 2 years on electrical, plumbing, and HVAC, and 10 years on the major structural components of the home.

We are confident that all of the hard work and detail that goes into an EDGEhome from start to finish pays off in a major way. Our homes are safe, efficient, comfortable, and beautiful too! Check out our floorplans to see what we have to offer that could be the perfect fit for you!




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