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Sep 22

Splurge On A Finished Basement

Nothing says “unfinished basement” quite like the sound of a wailing child that just smacked their face against the bare cement floor of their “playroom”. Safety concerns aside, when building a custom home, one of the choices that needs to be made is if you will pay the extra cost to finish the basement. While the cost can sometimes be significant, a finished basement can double the livable square feet of your home, add extra beds and baths, and increase the overall value of your home. Beyond the practical reasons, having an extra space that is tucked away from the prying eyes of visitors and vacuum salesmen can be wonderful.


Increased Home Value

When completing a home, the total square footage is not the same as the finished square footage. What this difference means for your bottom line is two things. It means you are paying less to the builder since you are only finishing upwards of half your home. Leaving the basement incomplete will save you some money at the time. The other option is to pay a bit more to finish the basement. This will immediately raise the value of your home should you ever decide to sell it. When buyers come by to see your home, there is generally a sullen attitude they acquire when they walk into a basement and say, “Oh. It’s unfinished.” It’s just best to get it done when the rest of the house is being built.


More Living Space

In homes that have unfinished basements, that area usually becomes storage or a makeshift play room. Things are stuffed in corners and kids are sent down to make a mess because there isn’t anything for them to destroy down there. The basement doesn’t actually become part of the livable space in your home. When a basement is finished, bedrooms and bathrooms are added. Maybe a home gym or theater room will get added to the mix. This part of your house immediately becomes part of your home. That difference is the essence of the change between unfinished and finished.


Design Freedom

Your living room, dining room, kitchen, and entryway are designed to look good for everyone that comes into your home. Those are areas are for other people. The basement is for you. The average visitor doesn’t saunter into your basement, which means it doesn’t need to be for anyone but you. That releases you from having to please anyone’s standards about design. You can put a pillow-lined pit, a huge fireplace, a bar, a theater room, or even a huge ball pit if that was your fancy. It doesn’t matter because the basement should be about you. When you don’t finish the basement, you are essentially shutting away an area that could become your home away from house.
An unfinished basement is an eye sore. Its a place where you hide Christmas decorations and your kids when guests are over. A finished basement is your sanctuary and a point of pride in your family. Only YOU can prevent unfinished basements.


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