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As you look for homes in Utah, one of the most important factors for homeowners is the quality of schools in their neighborhoods and their state overall. Utah homeowners and prospective homeowners are in luck, as Utah is one of the best places for primary and secondary education and sets children up for success in their futures. See how Utah compares with the rest of the United States, and where you can find the best schools in the state!


Luckily for Utah residents, Utah ranks very highly in categories such as lowest crime rates, economy, fiscal stability, and education. In fact, Utah is ranked as one of the best states in education, with the U.S. News ranking it as #5 in education within the United States. This same report ranks PreK-12 grade as #9 in the U.S. and Utah’s higher education as #6 in the nation.

Great Utah schools also produce higher performing students, with a high school graduation rate of 88.2% (with 87% national average) and higher math scores among 8th graders (282/500 versus the national average of 274/500).

Higher education is also more accessible for Utah residents, as Utah residents reportedly leave college with a little over $18,000 in student debt, compared to the average American who leaves college with nearly $30,000 in debt.


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Utah is a state that allows for school choice, meaning that parents can choose to take their child’s education dollars to fund their preferred education, whether that’s a traditional public school, a private institution, a magnet school, a charter school, online learning, microschooling, homeschooling, or even a mix and match learning environment. Starting in 2024, Utah will also be offering a Utah Fits All Scholarship Program to help support families choosing private schools or homeschooling and with the cost associated with that.

In addition to school choice and financial support, Utah also offers open enrollment, meaning you and your child can choose any school to attend, regardless of geographical boundaries and locations. Not all schools will be the perfect fit for your child or your family, so the flexibility to find the perfect fit is really appealing and important to many families.


Although Utah allows for open enrollment and school choice, it is still nice to be near the school of your choice. The good news is that your child will receive a great education at any Utah school.

But if you’re not sure where to start, here are some of the top-rated schools in the state.


1. Cottonwood Elementary, Salt Lake City
2. Howard R. Driggs Elementary, Salt Lake City
3. Old Mill Elementary, Heber City
4. Cedar Ridge Elementary, Pleasant Grove
5. Crimson View Elementary, Saint George


1. Sunrise Elementary, Sandy
2. Peruvian Park Elementary, Sandy
3. Cottonwood Elementary, Salt Lake City
4. Howard R. Driggs Elementary, Salt Lake City
5. Old Mill Elementary, Heber City


1. Albion Middle School, Sandy
2. InTech Collegiate Academy, Logan
3. Crimson Cliffs Middle School, Washington
4. Draper Park Middle School, Draper
5. Butler Middle School, Salt Lake City



1. Utah County Academy of Science, Orem
2. Northern Utah Academy for Math Engineering and Science, Layton
3. SUU Success Academy, Cedar City
4. InTech Collegiate Academy, Logan
5. North Summit High School, Coalville

Because there is such variation for high schools and their equivalents, we also think it’s worth mentioning that the highest concentration of top-ranked public high schools are located in Kaysville, Sandy, and Lehi.



There are multiple accredited universities and colleges throughout the state of Utah, from Cache Valley to St. George, providing recently graduated and graduating high school seniors (and adults!) the opportunity to further their education and vocational training.

If you’re looking for the best of the best, here are the top three universities in the state you can attend:

1. Brigham Young University, Provo
2. University of Utah, Salt Lake City
3. Utah State University, Logan



There are always several things to think about when searching for and buying a home, including the quality of your home, nearby things to do in Utah, neighborhood quality, and especially schools. Schools matter to homeowners—especially Utah homeowners because they impact your child’s life, their friends, and your overall family dynamic at home. Factoring in the right schools for you is critical as you plan on living in Utah.

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