Our Parkside condo is a beautiful new addition to our condo models. It features bright, open rooms,  a soft color palette, and elegant finishing touches. Instead of using bold colors, this model uses sophisticated neutrals to create a warm and welcoming environment. 

Disclaimer: Some of the furniture used in this model home has since been discontinued, so we have included a link to similar items when applicable. 

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The entry way is the introduction your entire house, so keeping it calm with just a touch of color is a good way to go. Adding a chair or bench is a great way to make this area feel more inviting.

Great Room

The natural colors in the great room are the defining features of this model. The variety of textures gives depth to the room. 

Kitchen and Dining Area

 There’s plenty of room in our condos for seating! Welcome your guests either at the table or the bar with these great chairs and barstools. 

Master Bedroom

The hint of dark color here sets the stage for  the room to feel extra cozy. Add plants for a pop of color and life. 

Girls Room

The color of this bed is the perfect middle ground that’s not too girly, but still fun and unique for a girl’s room.

Boys Room

The simple decor in this boy’s room takes advantage of the open space, while still being homey. The furniture we used makes the room fit for a variety of ages.