Our Interior Designers

Heather Miller | VP of Design

Heather’s background in Fine Arts from Westminster College led her to pursue her degree in Interior Design from LDS Business College in Salt Lake City. While attending design school, Heather was invited to work with one of the top design firms in the country. While there, she fell in love with the architectural side of design and gained a real appreciation for all aspects of the design process from concept to completion. With over 20+ years of management experience and 16 years in the design industry, Heather has become an integral part of the EDGE family, raising the standard of excellence for her design team. Heather’s love for design is found in the little details and architectural elements of the home, and she thoroughly enjoys creating spaces filled with clean, tailored pieces and classic comfort.

Andreah Keller

Andreah’s first taste of interior design came from her courses in high school, but her love for learning led her to the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) where she completed her degree. Andreah’s 6+ years with the company combined with her keen eye for high contrast and modern, clean lines is a great asset to the team, bringing fresh ideas and a unique, out-of-the-box approach to her process. Her passion for meeting new clients and assisting them in achieving their desired ambiance for their home works in tandem with the EDGEhomes experience.

Chelsea Condie

Chelsea has had a love for interior design since she was young.  Growing up, her mother never had a hot meal because Chelsea would always ask to be taken to see the pretty tiles in all the “fancy” restaurant bathrooms.  Since then, her love for design has only grown.  Combined with her love of travel, she gathers inspiration from architecture, mixing unique patterns and textures; she brings that inspiration into every space she designs.

She is currently studying Interior Design and Professional Sales at Weber State University while working as EDGEhomes Design Coordinator.  Chelsea’s keen eye for detail helps her add unique touches to everything she works on.  She values timeless qualities in design, as well as pleasing, yet functional spaces.  Her hope is that every home she designs is always a beautiful, welcoming home.

Jackie Van Roosendaal

From a very young age, Jacqueline noticed she had an eye for design when she would help her grandmother dye colorful cotton threads to make Andean cloaks and other clothing to sell at markets.  Growing up in Peru granted her many similar experiences that have helped her develop a focus on quality and a unique sense of craftsmanship and textiles. After getting her BA in Accounting, she moved to the United States where she started her own importing business, bringing art and other hand crafted items from Peru. Her well trained eye for timeless style and design led her to get a degree in Interior Design from LDS Business College. She prides herself on her attention to detail, obsession for quality, and love for local craftspeople. All these abilities have helped her to educate buyers in creating beautiful, unique and functional homes that cater to their lifestyle.

Janna Chappell

Drawing consistent inspiration from architecture, fashion, art, and interiors created a desire in Janna to excel at Utah State University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in interior design.  Upon graduating, she was selected for a competitive internship in New York City where she developed her personal style of Refined Transitional. Janna’s 8 years of experience and appreciation for sophisticated neutral palettes and timeless textures and patterns allows her to design unique model homes that inspire home buyers and encourage originality.  Janna loves to help others envision beautiful and functional designs for their own homes that are individualized to their distinct lifestyles and personalities.

Jenny Read

Jenny’s love for design grew from taking an intro design class in high school. From there she was committed to a vision of her future and channeled that drive into earning a bachelor’s degree in interior design from Brigham Young University-Idaho, developing her own personal aesthetic of mixing classic style with contemporary pieces. Now with EDGEhomes, Jenny’s attention to detail and technical precision make her an indispensable member of the team that all look to for guidance, and ensures her buyers have a true full-service experience.

Jillian Jensen


Great design begins with a comprehensive understanding of clients’ needs and expectations.  Jillian’s ability to develop client relationships based on respect, trust, and confidence has been the key to her success as a designer.  She is passionate about creating beautiful designs under a variety of budgets, styles, and requirements. With her background in construction, she is uniquely qualified to guide her clients through every phase of the design process.

In her spare time, Jillian enjoys spending time with her husband and 4 kids, exploring the cultural, art, and food scene, as well as traveling worldwide for experiences and inspiration.

Katie Elliott

Katie’s interest in construction and design was first cultivated by assisting her father build her childhood home. That nurtured passion led her to undertake many of her own projects, ultimately culminating in earning a double bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and Technical Sales from Weber State University. A unique strength of Katie’s is her ability to design stunning spaces with different textures and colors that aren’t commonly used. With over 10 years of experience, she has gained a variety of design skills that allow her to apply her education to creating beautiful and functional spaces here at EDGEhomes.

Maddi Mortensen

Maddi strives to design unique interiors that will have a positive impact on her clients’ lives.  With more than five years of experience in the design industry, she possesses an innate desire to create and design beautiful interiors that exceed her client’s expectations.  With an eye for quality and style, Maddi has proven herself as an innovative designer.  Skilled at creating appealing designs under a variety of budget and timeframes, Maddi guides her clients through every phase of the design process.  She remains committed to cultivating valued relationships and helping clients reach the best design for their home.

Michelle Meacham

Michelle has been interested in design for as long as she can remember.  Her sensitivity to color and creativity led her to start noticing how different spaces made her feel- sparking her interest in design even more.

Michelle studied interior design at SLCC and has been in the design industry for over 8 years.  Interior design is not just a career for Michelle, it is a passion!

She loves meeting interesting people, helping them to create spaces that speak to their own interests and lifestyle.  It’s important to Michelle that each home she designs is functional, family friendly and beautiful.  She strongly believes that beautifully designed spaces can elevate our happiness.