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How to Pack for a Move

So you’ve signed off on a new home, you put money down, months have passed, and now the big day is approaching. What could possibly dampen your spirits? There could be one little word lingering on your to-do list with the power to instill dread: “pack.” If you have a pulse, and weren’t born with some special gene that the rest of us are missing, you most likely don’t want to pack for a move. Let’s face it; packing a house can be tedious, time-consuming, and overwhelming. We can’t promise to make packing your new favorite task, but we do know a thing or two about moving, and we’re here to equip you with some tips and tricks of the trade that will make it a little more bearable.


young man unpacking boxes in bedroom

There’s no better time to finally get rid of items that are taking up physical and mental space in your house than when you move. Dragging things to a new place that will just continue to sit on a shelf is going to be more work for you in the move, and pointless once you’re at your new place. Instead, approach your house with a minimalistic mindset.

If it helps to have a spouse or friend with you to act as your own personal Marie Kondo, challenging you to see if that night cream you’ve kept in your bathroom drawer for 3 years really sparks joy, then, by all means, get them on board. Envision your new home as a clean slate that will have everything you need, and nothing that doesn’t serve you anymore. Blast some music, bag up all the unwanted items, sell them or donate them to a local second-hand store to someone that really needs them, and move forward! You’ve got this!

Have Supplies Ready

one man handing a moving box to another on the stairs

Nothing will bring your packing process to a screeching halt like running out of boxes, using old ones that rip open, or running out of tape. You’ll want to throw your hands up and tell yourself that you’ll tackle it later, but we’re here to tell you to get it done now! It will be worth it, so when packing for a move make sure to have sturdy boxes, bags, packing tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, sharpies, and anything else you might need completely ready to go before you start.

Along these same lines, you’ll want to anticipate what you’ll need on the day of the move, especially if you’re doing things on your own. This might include a dolly, lifting straps, blankets for cushioning large items, and if you’re using your own or a friend’s truck rather than a professional moving truck, a ramp to make sure you can get things safely up and down.


young woman grouping books on a desk

Start getting into the process of packing by tackling the easiest items first. Books, linens, and clothing are a great place to start. They’re easy to organize and they’ll fill up boxes fast. You can even get creative with clothes and put them in luggage you need to move, or laundry baskets and hampers. For your bathroom, try putting as much as you can into cosmetic bags that aren’t at risk of spilling or oozing. If they are, be sure to put them in Ziploc bags—you won’t want to be in your brand new sparkling bathroom with self-tanner all over everything.

For harder to categorize items, try following a list like this one. This will help keep you on track from room to room and remind you of little details that are easy to miss, like taping cords to appliances or defrosting your fridge ahead of time if you’re moving it.

Get Started

two men moving a couch into a great room

At the end of the day, packing will be a small blip in the grand scheme of your move. It’s an exciting time, and a great chance to start a new chapter that might even kick off some new habits—like better organization and only hanging on to what really matters. If you’re moving to Utah for the first time with an EDGEhomes purchase, welcome! Our comprehensive guide to living in Utah is a great place to start if you want to know more about where you’ll be living.