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How to Live In Between Homes

If you’ve caught the buying bug and have pulled the trigger on the house of your dreams, you might be wondering what your next move is. As your closing date approaches, you may feel even more that you’re caught in an “in-between” state between having your house sold but nowhere to go. So what is the best way to approach this in-between state? We’ll address a few helpful strategies for navigating this unique time in your life!

How to Pack a House

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First things first, you need to get the house you’re leaving sorted out. Having everything from there packed in an orderly way will make your present and your future less stressful. Particularly, leaving out essentials so they can be accessed easily is a key part of mindfully packing your old house. For more detailed tips on how to successfully pack, check out our how to pack for a move blog. Consider also renting a storage unit if you have items that won’t fit in an in-between housing situation, but need to go to the new house, and call around to make sure you’re getting the best price since this will be an additional expense.

Where to Live Between Houses

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There are several options for where to live if your family is currently in an in-between state of housing. To find the best situation, you’ll want to look at your moving timeline and compare rates and convenience factors such as distance to your current jobs and schools and how much space you’ll need for you and your family. Staying with family or friends might be an option, just keep in mind you may experience even more stress than the stress from the move if you feel like you’re putting them out or overstaying your welcome if deadlines shift—which is always a possibility when building a home!

If you choose instead to pay to stay somewhere, hotels, Air BnBs, extended stay hotels, or month-to-month rentals are all great options to look into. All of these options will come with their own pros and cons, so do your research to see which will be best for your budget and lifestyle during this phase.

Control What You Can, Let Go of What You Can’t

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Fair warning—a large majority of navigating this in-between time might be more of a mental challenge than a physical one! Moving is one of life’s biggest stressors, and feeling like you’re not settled into any one place can be taxing on anybody.

To manage this stress, you’ll want to control any aspect you feel you can, and let go of any that you probably can’t. Closing date shifting due to weather-related construction delays? Unfortunately, that will be out of your control. Know that construction is doing everything they can to move forward with the project, and that your house will get done, even if it’s a couple of weeks later than you originally expected. Don’t have all of your normal household items? You may temporarily have a minimalized version of all of your belongings while things are packed, so make sure you create realistic expectations. You might not be able to find that specific shirt your kid needs for their Halloween costume, but you can find something else that will work in the meantime!

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There are some things you can control! Keeping an open line of communication with your real estate agent will be a key factor in feeling informed and prepared. Our EDGE agents are here to help, and they genuinely care about you and your dream home! They are available by phone or email any time to help answer questions or soothe fears you may have about the building or buying process.

Part of the Process

We know that this is an extremely unique and important era in your life. The good news is, even if you’re in between places, it’s only a temporary part of the process to get you one step further towards your dream home. While you’re in the in-between, check out our idea gallery for inspiration for your new home!