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Home Design Trends in 2020 and Beyond

As we head into a new decade, with it comes not only the new home design trends of the year, but an entire era! You may be wondering what trends we’ll bring with us from the past few years as well as what new ideas are emerging as you decide on the space you and your family need. The type of home you’re looking to own, floorplan you choose, and options you add will always lay the baseline despite whatever trends come and go. More on that here:

Home Design Guide

Let’s take a look at some of the hottest design trends we’ve seen going into the 2020s:

Richer Hues

Don’t be scared of adding some richer hues to your house, especially in your kitchen. The most popular that are steadily making an appearance are inky blues, deep or forest greens, greys, and black—although there are plenty more to choose from!



Though we’ve trended these last few years towards lots of white and soft tones, adding a pop of more saturated hues can add a lot of interest to a room. A great way to introduce these colors in the kitchen is via your cabinets so you can still maintain that open, airy feel without it being too overwhelming.



Another option could be painting one wall of a nursery with a rich purple to play with the color in a bold way. Or, if you just want to dip your toe in, try adding a statement piece like a deep maroon couch or a dark blue rug.



Darker Wood

This doesn’t mean you need to run out and swap out all the lighter wood in your house for a deep mahogany. In the same style of subtly adding in richer hues, throwing in a slightly darker wood such as maple or walnut adds a hint of maturity and elegance to a home.


dark wood cabinets in kitchen


Keep in mind this can even include small accessories. Primitive kitchen tools have also been noted as an upcoming 2020 home design trend. Why not try some darker wooden spoons in a canister or a wooden ladder in your kitchen? The more “raw” look will be mixed in with “sleek” aesthetics, which leads us to the next trend.


Brass fixtures pair nicely with many different styles, so whether you only want to update a few things in your home or you’re going for a full remodel, it’s sure to complement a variety of textures, colors, and schemes. The finish of brass that’s very popular right now is more of a matte, toned-down brass, not the shiny brass you may be remembering from your youth.


brass faucet 2020


You can also incorporate brass in other rooms by adding a brass lamp or vase.

Organic Materials

Before you get too hung up on the sleekness of brass statement pieces, remember there is going to be a lot of mixing in of more natural materials as well! Wicker, jute, and rattan are making a big comeback.


Bed with wicker gallery wall


If you’re starting small with incorporating these types of textures, try some wicker baskets for blankets or toys, or a terracotta planter. If you want to incorporate even more organic material, a rattan chair or set of rattan bar stools will do the trick.

Some people are even taking the raw look to a grander scale with a set of large rattan light fixtures or a wood log or cork wall. Try mixing and matching to find the look you prefer!

Gallery Wall

Perhaps one of the most fun trends right now is creating a gallery wall and taking it into new directions! In the past, we’ve seen gallery walls where the prints are the same size and scheme—such as a series of black and white photos of family adventures. That can still be a great way to use wall space if you want a more streamlined look.

Now, however, people are mixing things up even more by experimenting with museum frames, mixing in antique art instead of strictly using photos, using kitchenware in place of prints, and creating the gallery in the corner of two walls like you see here in our Hidden Canyon Estates model home.


gallery wall from Hidden Canyon Estates model home



At the end of the day, how to incorporate home design trends is really up to each individual. Your home is a space that is entirely unique to you, so playing with new concepts can be a great way to express yourself. As an added bonus you’ll get in touch with your creative side and maybe even discover some new ideas you didn’t think you’d like! There are no hard and fast rules, so just have fun!