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Feb 25

Hang a Wall Collage

Now that you are in your new home you are constantly thinking about decorating it. Gallery Walls are Clearly a unique and fun way to brighten up your blank canvas and are a fun way to decorate a large wall space.

keys-side-shot  FrameWall-Close-Console-Rig

photos by Young House Love

In a collage, you don’t have to pick just one picture, instead you get to pick a bunch of your favorites to show off all at once. Once you learn these tips on how to hang a picture collage, you can be confident that your picture collage will make your walls look amazing.

Picture Collage Tip

#1: Pick Your Wall and Frames

#2: Plan the Images

#3: Arrange the Frames on the Floor

#4: Consider the size and color of your frames

#5: Create and label templates of all your frames

#6: Measure the area where you want to create your display and mark center point

#7: Use your Paper Templates to Plot Your Picture Collage and tape up all of your pre-cut templates

Gallery-Wall-3            images-7
#8: Time to hang your Gorgeous Gallery Wall.  Measure down from the top of the frame to see how many inches below the top the nail will actually sit.  Find the center of the template and measures down the same amount. Mark the template with an x, and then hammer your nail right into that x and through the template.  Once the nail’s in the wall in the center, remove the paper template from the wall and slip the frame onto the nail. It’s that easy.  Check out a few gallery Walls that we love below.

Gallery-Wall-5photo by Love Grows Wild

masterbedroom2photo by The TomKat Studio


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