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Nice 49 Low Maintenance Front Yard Landscaping Ideas.

Backyard Design Utah

Here are 3 things to keep in mind when designing your Utah backyard:

  • Select plants that will prosper in your climate and offer different colors to add variety.
  • Trees provide height, shade, and ornamental features such as flowers, bark, or fall color.
  • Consider the focal point of your backyard. Do you want a view of an open lawn, a flower garden, a fountain, a hillside, a pond?

Backyards have become a true extension of the home. When properly landscaped, a backyard will provide additional outdoor living space where you can spend time with family and friends. Backyards have become areas for recreation as well as relaxation. And many amenities that used to be just for the indoors, such as fireplaces and fully equipped kitchens, are finding their way into backyard decorating ideas. With good planning, design and construction, your backyard can become a multipurpose area for relaxing, entertaining and playing. When tackling a backyard landscaping project, it’s best to start with a plan in mind, so spend some time gathering landscaping ideas and looking at photos before jumping into your own backyard overhaul.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:



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Shrubs can offer color, flowers, and winter interest (such as evergreen shrubs). The right perennial flowers can offer lots of color throughout spring, summer and fall.



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Trees can provide height, shade, and ornamental features such as flowers, interesting bark, or fall color. Add a tree near a patio for height, a welcoming feeling and shade.


Focal Point

While sitting on the patio, make sure you have either a nice view or an interesting focal point to look at, such as an open lawn, a pretty flower garden, a nice bench, fountain, hillside, or pond.


A well-designed landscape can be inspiring. It can provide a sense of calm, a sense of awe, and a sense of balance. It can boost your spirits and give you solace. A beautiful landscape can also improve the curb appeal of your home and inspire other people in your community and neighborhood to turn their own yards into inspiring landscapes.

Landscaping and gardening are also ideal outlets for your creativity. Nature gives you an expansive palette of colors, textures, scents, and structural compositions to choose from. In a home garden, you can take these gifts from nature and combine them in any style you desire.

See what shrubs work best for Utah’s climate!