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Are Townhomes Good for Families? Yes, Here’s Why.

Whether you’re newly married and looking for an affordable first home or you are searching for a newly built home that fits your lifestyle, townhomes are a great alternative to single family homes that are both affordable and luxurious.

Townhome floorplans are no longer the row homes of the past. Homebuilders like EDGEhomes combine the updated designs of newly built homes with more-affordable fixes to create customized townhomes that include everything families need to live both comfortably and happily.

Advantages for Families Living in Townhomes

When searching for your family’s next home, there are a few benefits to living in a townhome you should consider.

Affordable Living

One of the most obvious benefits of purchasing a townhome is the affordable price point. EDGEhomes never sacrifices quality when building our townhomes. However, the lower square footage typically included in the townhome floorplan leads to a more affordable home. It’s an amazing benefit for families who typically have other expenses due to other needs.

Built for Any Size

While townhomes are generally coined as “starter homes” or used for downsizing, that’s not always the case. With EDGEhomes, our developments are built for any sized family. Whether you’re a newly-married couple looking for an affordable first home or just need to cut some of your current living costs, townhome floorplans by EDGEhomes typically include large-sized kitchen and dining, multiple bedrooms and baths, and can even be customized to fit your family’s specific needs.

Family-Friendly Neighborhood

Another benefit of living in a townhome is the lifestyle surrounding townhome communities. Since much of the community living in townhomes are full of families, the area is typically more family-friendly. In Utah, for example, most townhome communities have multiple neighborhood parks, family-centered neighbors, and wonderful school districts. They also typically have surrounding trails for family walks, popular family restaurants, nearby grocery shopping, and fun activities, like splash pads, for younger children.

Great Alternative to a Single Family Home

No matter how you see it, townhomes are a more affordable alternative to a single family home. From family-friendly communities to great real estate investments, townhomes offer everything a family needs to live happily without spending more than their initial budget size. Townhomes by EDGEhomes are a great home choice for families of any size. Contact EDGEhomes to discover your family’s perfect home.