About Exteriors

Our exteriors are not only beautiful, but functional. We take many precautions to make sure your home will endure the ever-changing Utah climate. We follow manufacturers guidelines and time-proven methods. Even so, there are some aspects to be aware of regarding your home’s exterior. Stucco is a cementitious product, and as such you can expect some cracking. Those cracks will typically not exceed the width of the edge of a nickel. When you see cracking, know that the weather resistant barrier placed on the home prior to the brown and finish coat is what actually protects your home.

Deck Maintenance

Your deck is framed with Douglas fir. This material is structurally sound, but should be maintained on an annual basis. Linseed oil in a weed sprayer works very well, or any type of Thompson’s water seal will prolong the lifetime of this material and keep it safe for continual use.

Garage Maintenance

It might only take you about ten minutes per year, but taking the time to grease up your garage door’s moving parts will help it last for a long time to come. Just a small amount of lubrication can make a big difference when it comes to preventing noise and keeping your residential garage door opening and closing properly. Use a spray lubricant to coat the opener’s chain or drive screw. You can also add some lubricant to the overhead springs, hinges, rollers, and tracks.


 Frames are covered for 20 years from time of delivery. This means if there are broken welds during construction or after close, that Jones P&G will fix them. It also covers discoloring and warping. Fog ups are covered for 10 years (limited warranty after the 10 years, meaning Jones will cover materials and the homeowner is to cover labor) Glass breakage has a lifetime coverage (after possession of the home takes place and ONLY with the original buyer). This includes breakage due to stress cracks or items hitting the windows but does not cover vandalism or acts of God. This applies to any and all Jones P&G windows that we have in all of our homes and communities.

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