We are in unprecedented times as it relates to construction costs and material shortages. First and foremost, and if you only read one thing, make it this: EDGEhomes will honor your contract.  We will absorb any and all material and labor cost increases without passing those along to you.

To some of you, this may sound obvious, but what you may not know is that many builders have escalation clauses or cost plus clauses in their contract allowing them to go back to buyers and renegotiate their contract price in situations like we are currently in. Many builders also have a “no cause” cancellation clause in their contracts that allows them to cancel the contract at any time for any reason. These clauses are being utilized today by some builders – in fact, there have been several news articles written about these situations recently. This will not happen at EDGEhomes. We do not have these clauses in our contract and we do not plan to add them – this is a decision we made many years ago and are proud to stand by that today. Your price is your price, regardless of what additional costs we incur. The only way your contract can be cancelled is if you breach the terms of it – we do not have a “no cause” cancellation clause in our contracts. 


Many builders are removing choice for the buyer – by not releasing a home for sale until it’s nearly completed, they can better control their costs and capture the equity of an increasing market.  EDGEhomes believes Buyers deserve choice, so we’re still releasing our homes prior to construction so our townhome and single family buyers can come enjoy our award-winning Design Studio and design your home for your life while allowing you to take home the equity you’ve gained during the construction process.

As a local builder, we know the importance of relationships and “keeping your word.” That’s exactly what we will do. 

If you aren’t already building with us, we hope to have the opportunity to partner with you on your new home. For more information on our current communities and availability, please contact an EDGEhomes Agent today or email [email protected] and we’ll connect you with someone who can help.