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Design Tip of the Month: Rugs

by Janna Chappell

If you are anything like me, then we can agree that one of the best parts about having a new home is decorating it! But, for many people, the thought of decorating every single room in a new home can be a little overwhelming.  I typically find that a lot of people just don’t know where to start.  My favorite place to start when decorating a space is choosing the rug first!

Rugs can really transform a room and provide so much color, texture, and pattern to a space.  Because they have so much impact on a room, I think it is a great starting off point.  I am going to list a few tips and things to consider when choosing a rug.

  • If a certain rug has a very bold color, texture, or pattern, the furniture in the room should not be as bold, and vice versa.
  • While deciding on the size of a rug, start with a sketch of a basic layout of the furniture that will be placed in the room.
  • A great rule of thumb for choosing the correct rug size is that all four of the legs of each piece of furniture in the room should be placed on the rug, OR the front two legs of each piece of furniture in the room should be placed on the rug and the back two legs off of the rug. This rule will help connect the various pieces of furniture and give a sense of good proportion to the room.
  • Rugs in bedrooms should extend 18” from the sides of a king or a queen bed, and 12” from the sides of a full or a twin bed.
  • Rugs call pull together various colors used in décor, which provides the potential for some very fun and exciting color palettes!

These are just a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right rug for your space.  There are also many advantages to having an area rug that go beyond appearances.  Rugs can help anchor rooms and create cozy and intimate spaces, they also help reduce noise, and add comfort and warmth.  I hope these tips are helpful.  Good luck and have fun finding the perfect rug for your space!