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Design Tip of the Month: How to Pick Your Furniture

by Janna Chappell, Designer

When selecting furniture for a home, I always make an effort to have each space feel interesting and uniquely curated.  The best way to achieve that feeling is to mix different textures, materials, finishes, and styles.  I am always conscious to keep a common theme in each room so the various pieces don’t fight with each other.   Too much mixing and matching can make the room feel overwhelming and confusing. I’ll list a few tips that will help when choosing the right furniture for your space.

–     Try to have some form of upholstery, metal, and natural or painted wood in each room.  To make it even more interesting, add leather, glass, concrete, or lacquered elements in too!

–     Using consistent colors throughout the various pieces of furniture helps the room feel put together and intentional.

–     Keep the scale and proportion in mind when designing a room.  You don’t want a huge over-stuffed chair next to a mini apartment-sized sofa, it will feel out of place and uncomfortable.

–     Distribute colors, styles, and textures evenly throughout each space.  Also, consider the contrast in the room – mix light and dark pieces to help make the room feel balanced and proportionate.

–     Modern décor is often asymmetrical, while traditional décor is more symmetrical.  When end tables, lamps, or nightstands don’t match, use the same shape and scale to keep the space balanced.

–     Repetition is key, if you have a unique item you want to use, but you’re afraid it might stand out like a sore thumb, repeat at least one other similar element in the room to make it feel like it belongs.

I hope these tips help when selecting various pieces of furniture for your home.  Also, remember that function is the most important thing and if it is something you absolutely love, you’ll always be able to make it work in your space!  Good luck and have fun!

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