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Design Tip of the Month: Backsplash

by Janna Chappell, Designer

A backsplash is arguably one of the most important elements that makes the largest impact on the entire feel and style of a kitchen. There are a variety of things to consider when selecting a backsplash tile and it is a design detail that deserves some time and careful thought.  Below I have listed a few things to consider.

The first decision is typically color.  You’ll want to decide if you want something bold and bright, or subtle and neutral.   A colorful backsplash can add an obvious impact, but a neutral backsplash can add a classic feeling with a lot of character.  It will depend on the other colors and materials being used in the space and how your tile will coordinate.

The material of the backsplash is just as important as the color.  Whether it is glass, ceramic, brick, or hand painted, the material has a huge impact on the style of the kitchen. The material and finish can evoke a distinct feeling and instantly define the certain style you want to convey.

Consider your countertops.  If you have a busy or bright countertop, you’ll want to pair it with a subtle and simple backsplash, and vice versa.  Make sure the materials, tones, and patterns work well together.

Another thing to consider is the patterns and shapes of the tile.   Patterns have a huge effect on the style of the design.  A timeless and classic kitchen typically calls for a simple field tile size like a subway tile in a 3”x6” brick pattern, whereas a more contemporary design would look best with a linear straight set pattern.  There are also fun ways to experiment with the classic subway tile to give it a fresh look, such as bold grout colors, beveled edges, and unique sizes.

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