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Here at EDGEhomes we want your experience to be the best that it can be. While every effort was made to build your home as if it were our own, occasionally service needs arise after the close date. If this happens we have a qualified service team, which is available to help with warranty concerns or needs that may arise.

If any service needs should arise, submit a request by going to dev-febehomes.pantheonsite.io/warranty-request/. When submitting a service request, please include photos, which can speed up the process, so send as many as necessary. Submitting a service request through the website allows us to track your request and complete it as quickly as possible.

Feel free to contact us via email at customerservice@edgehomes.com or by calling 801-494-0147. For emergencies during regular business hours (9am–5pm, Monday– Friday) please call this number.

For emergencies after hours, call 801-885-6157. We have limited repair resources after hours so please call only if you have a major leak, furnace failure, or similar emergency that may be life threatening or cause excessive damage to your home.

We look forward to taking care of any service needs that may arise.


1-year EDGEhomes warranty

You will have a 1-year warranty through EDGEhomes which covers everything in your home except for cosmetic issues, paint touch-ups, appliances, and concrete cracks. You will have a one-time repair of drywall cracks or nail pops during the first year. We recommend waiting until month 11 to have these fixed.

Please remember to register your appliances and HVAC units. There are benefits to this. You can receive any updates on your items or if anything is recalled. In addition, your information will be in their system for any future warranty issues.

Any alterations to the HVAC, Electrical, or Plumbing may void the warranty on that item. (i.e. thermostats, finishing basements, faucets, etc.) Let us know before you do any of these so you can be aware of what it may void.

2-10 warranty

2-year systems: (wiring, plumbing pipes, HVAC ductwork)

10-year structural: Report to EDGEhomes

Kitchen/Dining Room


Keep heat off. Use a cutting board. Avoid oils & food colors. Granite tops need to continue to be sealed


Maintain with Pledge orange oil. Avoid contact with water. Hinges are adjustable. Touch up kit included


Laminate – No wet mopping or steam mops (Bona recommended). Use felt tabs under chairs/stools. Touch-up with Gel stains


Register. Report problems to us within the first 30 days and then directly to manufacturer after that. Anti-tip bracket on range, pull out from bottom. Dishwasher attached to countertop. Clean microwave filter periodically

Fridge hook-up

Use braided stainless-steel line and keep an eye on the connection for a week before pushing the fridge back, leaks are a homeowner responsibility


Water supply – Hot/left, Cold/right. Shut off valves, parallel/on, perpendicular/off. P-traps – Hand tighten if dripping, recommended to keep a bucket under trap in case of leaks. Don’t overload the cabinet with products. Disposal – Key included in case of a clog/jam, don’t run dishwasher if clogged, reset button located on bottom


Nothing abrasive to clean stainless-steel sinks. Keep composite sinks clean. A 50% mix of water and white vinegar can be used to remove limescale deposits


Kitchen is GFI and protected, several outlets on same circuit. Reset with button on GFI outlet or possibly with the breaker in panel

Pantry Shelving

Wire shelving (condos only) – 70 lbs. per foot

Sliding Glass doors

Wheels on bottom can be adjusted. Screen may need to be adjusted throughout the year. Keep lubricated with furniture polish.

Laundry Room

Washer hook-up

Use new hoses for washer (change every 5 years). Zip-tie drain hose to water supply. Double check hot/cold on first load

Dryer hook-up

Use soft flex hose

Breaker Panel (may be in basement)

Breakers all labeled as to locations. Reset by switching to “off” then back to “on”

Family Room

Ceiling Fan

Weight-rated box. Standard fan light and fan speed are adjusted with pull chains. Upgraded fans come with a remote. Balance kit in kitchen drawer


Self-lighting, may be necessary to switch off and on a few times if unit has not been lit for a while. Remote included on upgraded units (fan comes standard). If included, fan comes on 8 minutes after ignition and turns off when cooled down


Low-E glass. Water designed to drain out of weep holes if collected in track. Operable side is removable for cleaning


Vacuum frequently (avoid Dyson brand vacuums). Professionally steam clean, with good extraction process every 12-18 months. Clip off any “fraying” on hook and loop style carpets

Entry Hallway

Fiberglass door

No nails, be cautious with drilling any holes

Switched Eave Outlet

For Christmas lights or heat tape. Switch behind front door (sometimes in entry closet)


Programmable. Leave fan on AUTO. Will need to switch between “heat” and “cool” manually

Smoke Detector/CO2

All connected together. Constant power. Change battery every 6 months


Tub maintenance

Nothing abrasive when cleaning

Cultured Marble

Nothing abrasive when cleaning

Shower doors/glass

Recommend using RainX and Windex for cleaning


Seal grout lines


Keep an eye on p-traps under sink. Shut-off valves for sink and toilet. Toilet float adjustment in tank

GFI outlets

Usually tied to other bathrooms. One reset button will control all


Maintain with Pledge orange oil, avoid contact with water


Closet Doors

Latch with magnetic catch

Smoke Detectors

Tied to others throughout the home. Change battery every 6 months

Master bedroom ceiling fan pre-wire

Weight-rated box. Two wires lead into a single switch ready to change out if a fan is installed. Recommend using an electrician if adding a fan



All exterior basement walls are insulated. Condensation possible behind plastic. Remember to remove plastic or cut open when finishing basement


Cracks are common with concrete. Anything over ¼” wide or vertical is covered by warranty. Foundation cracks that allow water in can be sealed from the inside – report to customer service

Cold Storage

Not water tight, not recommended to finish room

Main water shut off/PRV

Turn off if you will be gone for more than a few days. Parallel/on, perpendicular/off. Only a plumber should adjust PRV


95% efficient. Critical to change filter ONCE per month. Recommend using a non-obstructive filter. Condensate water drains under normal operation

Combustion Air (not applicable with tankless water heaters)

Open pipe to outside for fresh air. Do not block, can cause asphyxiation. Homes with a tankless water heater will not have a combustion air

Tank Water Heaters

Pilot light ignition instructions listed on side. Can scald if turned up too hot. Recommend draining once per year

Tankless Water Heaters

Endless hot water (not instant). May take a little bit longer for hot water to reach the faucet. Adjust temperature with remote on side of unit. Can scald if turned up to hot. To keep manufacturer’s warranty in place the unit must be flushed once per year. You can use a plumber or do it yourself with cleaning kit that can be purchased at home center. Visit http://www.noritz.com/techtips/ for instruction on cleaning

Low Voltage Wiring

Some wires run to exterior of home for utility company to tie on to. Remaining lines go to pre-selected rooms throughout home. Homeowner responsibility for connection

Future Plumbing

Tub line 18”-24” below floor

Basement Windows

Recommend to re-caulk all windows when finishing basement


Garage door opener

Sensors at bottom of garage door tracks can be bumped out of alignment but are easy to adjust by hand. Look for a solid green light on one of the sensors. Wall button has motion sensor and can be locked (if desired). Car remotes included. Keypad can be reprogrammed using the instructions on flap. Opener can be programmed to WIFI (instructions included in packet). (Optional) battery can be purchased for opener. In case of power outage, emergency pull chord will allow door to be opened by hand

Attic access

Allows access into attic. Trusses are not designed for storage

GFI outlets

Often times, tied to other exterior outlets. Reset with button


Concrete maintenance

Keep concrete sealed. Keep snow off. Never use any kind of ice-melt (even those that say they are safe for concrete)


Culinary (drinking water) and secondary (sprinklers) meters are located near street (not applicable in some cities). Shut off secondary (sprinklers) before winter

Final Grading

Final grade on homes, that do not receive landscaping, is for directing water away from the home. It will still be necessary to bring in top soil. Important to maintain 5% slope away from home. “Ponding” water is possible until landscaping is installed and is not builder’s responsibility if 10’ from home

Future Landscaping

Downspout extensions should extend 10’ from home and terminate with a pop-up drain. Only a drip system is recommended within 5’ of the home. Maintain water on your property with berms and swales as necessary

Included Landscaping

Landscaping may require a few seasons to establish. Be mindful of watering and avoid excess water that may affect neighboring properties. On sloping yards, it is recommended to “soak and cycle” in more frequent short runs rather than a single long run. Condos and Townhomes are maintained by the HOA and concerns should be reported to them


Keep decking material clean. No maintenance is necessary on both the decking or railing


Be cautious with penetrations (holes from satellite dishes, solar panels, etc. can cause leaks and are not covered by warranty). Use caution accessing roof when shingles are hot or frozen as they can be damaged

Exterior surface of home

Hairline fractures are possible in stone grout. Stucco cracks over 1/8” wide are warrantable. Gapping is per design

HOA responsibility (if applicable)

Condos – HOA is responsible for all exterior surfaces, breezeways, roofs, common grounds/landscaping, amenities & roads

Townhomes – HOA is responsible for roads, landscaping & amenities. Homeowner is responsible for upkeep of exterior or their unit, including the roof

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