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The 5 Best Real Estate Podcasts
for Realtors

Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, invest, or flip, knowledge is power in the real estate industry. Staying up to date on the latest sales trends, up-and-coming neighborhoods, property tax predictions, and lead generation methods can mean the difference between an average year and an incredible year for savvy realtors.

Podcasts offer tailored updates to this profession that you can easily play while commuting or working at your desk. But with so much information available, it can be overwhelming to sift through the enormous catalogs to find the best real estate podcasts for realtors trying to improve their performance.

Take out the guesswork by trying out EDGEhomes‘ top five picks for best real estate podcasts (in no particular order).


The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience is tailored to highly motivated, career-driven realtors and business entrepreneurs. This podcast releases multiple times per week and offers soundbites at 10 minutes or less to inspire and encourage an achiever mindset on Mondays.

Meanwhile, once weekly, Ferry also releases a longer, more in-depth episode featuring his experience in real estate, interviews with current industry experts, tips to help you succeed, and more.


Listen to The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.



For those looking for less business advice and more general education surrounding construction and architecture, try 99% Invisible hosted by Roman Mars.

These episodes aim to open listeners’ eyes to architecture and design elements all around them. They focus especially on often-overlooked features of everyday existence.

While this podcast features a selection of different industries and tools throughout history, its abundance of design episodes makes it one of EDGEhomes’ best real estate podcasts for broadening your education of the field as a whole. To make it easier to filter, take a look at this list of dedicated architecture episodes of the show.


Listen to 99% Invisible on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.



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For quicker, more organic industry updates to digest on the morning commute, try Real Estate Today. This podcast comes fully stocked with over 100 episodes available for download in their backlog. This long-running show is supported by the National Association of Realtors and features many interviews and call-ins for the most up-to-date trends.

This podcast is a great resource for longtime realtors looking to improve their business performance and breadth of knowledge.


Listen to Real Estate Today on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.



The list of best real estate podcasts would not be complete without The Kyle Handy Podcast. This podcast is ideal for realtors looking to improve their communication skills, gain more business efficiency, and navigate competitive areas and oversaturated markets. This weekly podcast releases every Monday morning and focuses on a different topic each week to assist realtors in getting the most out of their time whether they are brand new or experienced pros. Kyle Handy’s advice is approachable and adaptable for all specific real estate specialties and experience levels.


Listen to The Kyle Handy Podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.


The Close is an entire site dedicated to the latest real estate shifts and honing realtor techniques. Their podcast, The Close Weekly, features Sean Moundry, a real estate coach with nearly three decades in the business, including launching his own brokerage and authoring two books. His weekly podcast covers a wide range of topics realtors might encounter over the course of their careers and how best to optimize various situations and opportunities to their advantage. This podcast highlights actionable advice realtors can practice with ease.


Listen to The Close Weekly on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.


While the particular podcasts above are some of EDGEhomes’ favorite choices for the latest news, there are plenty of knowledgeable, helpful podcasts across the internet. The most important part is to find a podcast that encourages you to listen regularly and subscribe to hear more. Try out a few different shows to find the best real estate podcasts that inspire and motivate you the most.

Meanwhile, for timely topics and home-buying resources that can supplement your new podcasts, also check out EDGEhomes’ blog for snackable industry information and helpful advice for prospective home buyers.

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