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Why Choose an Open Concept Floorplan

Nobody likes feeling cramped, especially in their own home. Sometimes, closed-off rooms, extra walls, and lower ceilings can promote that “trapped” feeling in a home. That’s why open concept floorplans are more popular these days everywhere from new home communities, to grocery stores, to office spaces. With more room though, you may feel a need to fill the space to the brim with anything and everything you have. To avoid a wealth of clutter, we’ve decided to share our favorite open concept layout with some information about this architectural style to help get you inspired before your move, home search, or renovation.

Perks of an Open Concept Space

The idea of open concept floorplans is relatively new, typically being a selling point of more modern homes and renovations. Open concept floorplans provide the perfect blend of form and function, as the main attraction is having such a large and open space that is quite flexible. Instead of having several separate, small rooms on the main floor, a great room encompasses all of them, allowing for a seamless transition between the living, dining, and kitchen areas. This type of floorplan also eliminates underused, miscategorized rooms such as formal dining rooms or formal living rooms, and it opens up areas like the kitchen, which historically has often been quite cramped and closed off.

open kitchen and living room from EDGEhomes

With an open concept floorplan, you eliminate the need for multiple hallways connecting one room to the next, allowing the homeowner to maximize the amount of square footage available to them.

Think of a closed floorplan as you would a high-turnover parking lot. Generally, people consider angled parking to be more efficient, as straight parking requires sharp turns, increased blind spots, and generally takes up more space. The same can be said for “traditional”, or more closed floorplans, as people have to make sharp, jolted turns from one room to another, and unnecessary walls may take up too much wasted space.

Who Benefits from an Open Concept Floorplan?

EDGEhomes open kitchen, dining, and living rooms

Though open concept floorplans are at the top of many home buying wish lists nowadays, there are a few different types of buyers that might benefit more from this type of home.

For instance, if you plan on hosting family gatherings or allowing your kids’ friends to come over for a get-together, then you’ll be forever grateful for your open concept floorplan. Those who love having family and friends over have the ability to be in the kitchen and participate in game day or movie night conversations while cooking, baking, or doing whatever else they like. This also reduces any opportunity for the host to feel left out while they’re prepping for the luncheon, party, shower, or dinner.

Additionally, open concept homes are quite popular among families big and small, as it allows for more family interaction in the communal spaces. The goal is for smaller, mid-sized homes to feel grand, which adds to the personal value of the home, as owners are more willing to settle in and spend time there rather than looking to the next best thing. Even the smallest homes with open floorplans can provide the comfort and roominess that a larger home can offer.

EDGEhomes Knows Open Floorplans

top view of open living room from EDGEhomes

At EDGEhomes, we’ve sought to redefine value through the homes we provide, thanks to our teams that work hard to design new and unique homes across the Wasatch Front. We understand the balance of incorporating what’s trending in interior design while also providing timeless craftsmanship, and a home that will always be beautiful. Instead of making open floorplans just a selling point, we’ve made them the heart of many of our new home communities. You shouldn’t have to dig and search for hours on end to find floorplans that you love, which is why we’ve brought this style to the forefront of our construction.

We know not every area works for every person and family, so we’ve constructed communities in Salt Lake and Utah counties to allow for more options in finding your perfect EDGEhome. Our various communities, with their modern styles, work to appeal to a number of different lifestyles and personalities regardless of age, occupation, or family size. Whether you’re ready to build or ready to buy, we have a well-rounded team of agents and designers ready to make your new house a home. There’s a reason we’re a leader in the Utah homebuilding space, and it’s because we value our customers and our quality above all else.


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