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Nov 16

Behind the Walls: Quality of Quartz


Here at EDGEhomes, we’re all about providing our buyers the quality they deserve. Some might be surprised that one of these things is actually quartz countertops. According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association, the popularity of granite countertops are declining in comparison to its rival, quartz. While around 70% of people want to do more projects with quartz this year, closer to 90% of our buyers choose to use quartz when building their home, according to Kate Heath, EDGEhomes’ Design Studio Manager.  So let’s talk about why so many people are choosing to use this great stone.

  • Maintenance

Comparable stones like granite and marble have to be sealed and polished pretty regularly. In contrast, all the maintenance quartz countertops require is some light cleaning with warm water and soap.

  • Safety

Unlike other stones, quartz is actually nonporous. What does this mean for you? You never have to seal it because it won’t ever absorb moisture from food, which could cause a build-up of harmful bacteria.


  • Strength & Durability

Not only does its nonporous nature make quartz safer, but it also makes it extra stain resistant! As an added bonus, this stone is also scratch resistant. With extra additives like polyester for extra durability, quartz is actually the fourth hardest mineral known to man, just behind Diamond, Topaz, and Sapphire. So go ahead and cut those veggies straight on the counter!

  • Variety

A cool fact: quartz is actually made from engineered stones instead of being a natural stone like granite or marble. This means that you can choose from an even bigger variety, while still being able to keep a consistent look in the stone itself. Other stones like granite have natural imperfections like fissures and unbalanced color from one side of the stone to the other.

  • Value

Quartz is the kind of stone that gives you the best quality for its price tag. While it costs about the same as mid-level granite, Quartz gives you the same kind of look, but with the added bonus of having the highest durability.

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