We love empowering buyers to maintain and take care of their beautiful new homes. Here, we’ll go over key maintenance tips for keeping your bathroom and plumbing in tip-top shape.


You should regularly clean your toilet with a mild cleanser. Inspect the inner workings of the toilet every six months. Don’t use drain cleaner to unclog your toilet. Don’t flush anything down the toilet other than human waste and toilet paper. It’s a good idea to purchase a plunger and learn to use it correctly.

Tubs, Cultured Marble, and Stainless Steel

“Anything abrasive can scratch the surface, so try using gentler products.”




It is recommended to clean tubs, cultured marble, and stainless steel areas with a mild liquid cleanser. Anything abrasive can actually scratch the surfaces, so try something gentler; such as microfiber cloth.


Installed in your plumbing drains is a P-Trap. These are used to eliminate a vacuum effect on your drains and to keep everything that has gone down the sink in its proper place. P Traps can get bumped or become loose. It’s wise to keep an eye on these and check them periodically. Don’t overload the space under your sinks so you can keep watch on them and not accidentally bump them, causing a leak. If you do find them leaking, you can simply reach underneath and hand tighten the plastic fitting. If it’s within your warranty period, feel free to let us know, and we are happy to help.

Water Shut-Offs

Underneath your sinks and behind your toilets there are shut off valves. These are normally only used if you need to shut the water off to the individual fixture for maintenance or replacement.

Maintain Longevity

Staying on top of maintaining your bathrooms and plumbing will maintain the longevity of your home and keep things running smoothly! For more home maintenance videos check out our blog on exterior maintenance and winterizing your home