The Edge Difference


VALUE is the legacy of well crafted home that stands test of time. The benefits of building a new home with EDGEhomes are endless. After all, isn’t your home purchase tied to a long-term solution including VALUE of the home, family, community and financial security. Don’t end up saying “What was I thinking.” Choose EDGEhomes for innovative solutions.


COMMUNITIES bring people together and exhibit the friendship of a neighborhood. Creating communities where people want to live and share life experiences is at the heart of EDGEhomes. Now building in over 50 communities. We also have a financing solution. Choose EDGEhomes for Community Solutions.


DESIGN both the inside and the outside with EDGEhomes. Start with amazing floor plans, then personalize. Yes, personalize your floor plan. Then you are off to the design Studio to personalize the colors & style so it’s all about you. The Design Studio experience is unique with no pressure. Work side-by-side with professional and certified Interior designers that will help you every step of the way. Personalize your new home the EDGEhomes way. Choose EDGEhomes for innovative design solutions.

“Such a powerful moment. Even now I get a little teary-eyed thinking about it. It’s been a bumpy ride to this point and a lot of waiting but I’m so grateful to be working with Edge and how they are helping us bring this dream to life.”

Stephanie West

The Edge Experience


Communities all over the
Wasatch Front

Everyone knows that the first step of building a new home is finding the perfect location. Enjoy living in Utah's best communities across the Wasatch Front where you choose what matters most to you. You have options with EDGEhomes.


Best Floorplans on the Market

When choosing the perfect floor plan for your lifestyle, little details make all the difference. The ability to make structural changes is just one of the reasons EDGEhomes has so many happy buyers.

Start with one of 30 floor plans then personalize with structural options. You will find a perfect fit with EDGE.


Design Your Home the Way You Like It

When it comes to personal choices in design, they are all over the map. Your individual style shows in a home and we help you achieve that one of a kind look that is uniquely yours.

Experience designing your new home with experts in the EDGE Design Center. This is where the fun begins.


Superior Quality

Cutting EDGE trends and technology of home building are used for unparalleled quality and on a budget for any lifestyle. When you drive into an EDGEhomes community it really stands out. The quality shows in every home.

Tell Your

Thanks for Recommending
Edge Homes

With almost 900 new home buyers last year, we have a lot of thanking to do. Because of our amazing home buyers and the way they spread the word, EDGEhomes has broken records in growth since its beginning. Some of our communities are comprised of friends and family. Now that is awesome.