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Apr 16

6 Shrubs that Work Well with Utah’s Climate

Utah’s unique climate is notorious for generating frustration among landscaping enthusiasts. Our harsh winters and hot summers make it difficult to keep your yard looking healthy and beautiful. Fortunately, there are certain measures you can take to landscape successfully despite the unfavorable climate. In fact, there are certain plants that actually do well in our weather conditions and provide great privacy for your yard. If you’re looking to add a little shrubbery to your landscaping, we’ve got your guide! Check out the list below to find out which shrubs will thrive and grow in your Utah garden.

  1. Cliff Rose

This shrub belongs to the rose family. It grows well in Utah’s dry mesas and limestone canyons. You’ll see hints of red, peeling bark, and green leaves with white undersides.

  1. Red Elderberry

This shrub belongs to the huckleberry family. It is a perennial shrub that blooms tiny white flowers in May and June. It occurs naturally in Utah in rocky woods and ravines.

  1. Juniper

You can choose from a variety of juniper shrub options depending on the aesthetic you’re working toward. Some of these options include the blue star, mint julip, coast juniper, and old gold juniper shrubs.

  1. Greenleaf Manzanita

This perennial shrub occurs naturally in Utah forests. It belongs to the heath family and reaches 6 feet in height with green leaves and a red/brown inner bark.

  1. Boxwood

Ideal for sculpting, boxwood shrubs are commonly used as the outliners for garden beds and paths. This shrub is a member of the Buxus family and features dark green leaves that retain their color well.

  1. Euonymus

Featuring mottled bark and winged fruits, this ornamental shrub makes a gorgeous addition to your Utah garden. It can climb as vines, form small trees, or create low-mounding shrubs. You’ll also notice the growth of showy foliage and white berries that add to the shrub’s beauty and unique appeal.

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