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How To Buy a Home with EDGEhomes – Infographic

How to buy a home | EDGEhomes

Each day, people like you walk into our office wondering what buying an EDGEhomes experience includes. Let us take you through what a typical walkthrough looks like, what you can expect, and more. Follow our roadmap and get home-buying right every time.

  1. Check Your Credit

Having a higher credit score gets you a better interest rate on your mortgage. So, take an inventory of your credit score and start taking the steps to improve it. The loan process is not the time to acquire new debt, as it will alter your debt to income ratios and can disrupt or compromise your mortgage.

  1. Gather Your Down Payment

The amount you put down on your new home will determine several factors. If you have a 3% to 5% down payment there are good loan options for you, but you will also need mortgage insurance. If you have 20% down, that mortgage insurance payment isn’t necessary. There are even zero down loan options if you meet certain qualifications. Use our mortgage calculator to get a better idea of what you can afford.

  1. Get Pre-Approved

Once you have reviewed your finances and what you can afford, determine how much you can invest in a home and stick to that limit. Pre-qualifying for a mortgage demonstrates to you, your realtor, and sellers that you are qualified and can afford a house. In the case of multiple offers, sellers look for those who are pre-qualified rather than those who aren’t to close the deal. We recommend using First Colony Mortgage who offer the best in pre-qualification lending services and put homeowners first. Click here to read why using our preferred lender is best.

  1. Find the Right Agent

Look for an EDGEhomes Agent who has everything you’re looking for in a real estate agent. As the best agents in the state, we help you effortlessly navigate the entire home-buying process. After meeting with each of our agents, choose the person who best understands your needs and proves they’re determined to find your dream home.

  1. Starting Hunting for Places Within Your Price Range

Once you have the right EDGEhome agent, you can start looking at homes that fit your budget. You can also use our online tools that show you what’s available at specific locations, including quick move-ins. EDGEhomes builds homes in Utah, including Salt Lake and Utah County. Let the EDGEhomes smart guide help you find what you are looking for.

  1. Research Floorplans & Communities

Look at the floorplans included online as well as photos. Why? Because floorplans never lie. You’ll best determine the layout and physical space of the property using the exact measurements included on floorplans. Along with floorplans, take a look at each of our award-winning communities across the state. If a property’s floorplan and community fit your needs, make plans with your EDGEhome agent to view the property in-person. See our list of exclusive communities.

  1. Write a Purchase Agreement

Now that you’ve found the home you love it’s time to work with your agent to submit an offer. If you’ve found a place that hits all your marks, act quickly. Work with your agent to find the right number and then submit your offer.

Soon, you’ll have the keys to your very first—and, maybe even, last—EDGEhome.