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Jun 12

Why Add a Fireplace in Your Home

by Janna Chappell, EDGEhomes Designer

There are many benefits to having a gas fireplace in your home.   Gas fireplaces are easy to maintain and operate, they provide energy savings, constant heat, and a cozy, cheerful place to gather with friends and family.  Fireplaces also allow homeowners to showcase their style and create a unique focal point in their homes all year long, which for me, as a designer, is definitely my favorite part!

EDGEhomes offers several different fireplace styles and hundreds of options to personalize each one.   I’ll highlight just a few of them to show the variety of styles that we offer, and point out some other interior selections that look great with each fireplace!

We offer a very simple and clean option with a rectangular insert, it comes without a mantle or tile surround and is the perfect option for homebuyers that love the minimalistic style.  It looks great with our more contemporary steel railing options and our Euro kitchen cabinets as well.

We also offer a bungalow fireplace that comes with a beautiful mantle that wraps around the sides of the fireplace.  The mantle is available in any of our stain or paint color options.  The craftsman fireplace also comes with any choice of tile (we have 9 different levels to choose from).  This fireplace is great for homebuyers who enjoy a more transitional look in their homes.  The mantle and tile are available in almost any color with this fireplace, so it looks great with both the stained or painted railing options we provide.  Because it is transitional, this fireplace works with a simple kitchen cabinet door style, or a more detailed one.

Now for our more rustic buyers who love the look of natural materials, or the popular farmhouse style, we offer a beautiful stone fireplace.  Our stone fireplace is available with or without a hearth, the stone wraps around the sides of the fireplace and the mantle comes in any of our stain or paint color options.  We have several different cultured stone options, or natural stone options in a variety of colors that look great in any cute rustic home or farmhouse-styled home!

Those are just a few of the many fireplace options that EDGEhomes has to offer, we also offer a sleek and contemporary mantle, a craftsman fireplace, a transitional fireplace, and a traditional fireplace.  To check out all of our fireplace styles and other EDGEhomes features, talk to an Edge Homes agent today!

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