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Decorating Your Home During Winter

Décor to Keep Spirits High After the Holidays

The holidays may be over, but there are still three more months of short days, cold temperatures, and bitter winter winds left. Rather than just putting away your holiday decorations and toughing out the cold, often dreary winter months, why not celebrate winter with cozy surroundings and season-specific décor? Post-holiday winter parties are a great way to shrug off the cold with family and friends. Treat them to a cozy, winter-themed place to celebrate the season.

Make It Cozy Inside

One of the easiest ways to make your home feel warm and cheery during the winter months is to add extra color. Winter days are short and the natural light is often flat, so anything you can do brighten things up inside. Brightly-colored curtains pillows, rugs, blankets, and quilts will go a long way toward cozying up the house.


Try Using Some Natural Décor

Even after the rest of the Christmas decorations come down, wreaths can still be beautiful, evergreen décor. You can keep your wreaths and garlands by soaking them for a few hours, letting them dry, and spraying them with a safe anti-transpirant like Wilt Pruf. In addition to wreaths, pinecones can be beautiful, seasonal decorations—just add them to an arrangement with a bit of color.


Look to the Old Standby

Picture a cozy room, and you probably think of the soft glow of a fire in a fireplace. The coziest room in the house is the one with the fireplace, so you can arrange some comfortable chairs around the fireplace in the winter for intimate gatherings. Unfortunately, wood-burning fireplaces are known for adding to particulate pollution, and we don’t recommend using them unless it’s absolutely necessary to keep warm. Modern natural gas and propane fireplaces, however, are safe to use any time of year and can make even the harshest winter evenings cozy and warm.


Once the holidays are over, people often look at the rest of winter as a bleak season to simply be endured. Use your home to celebrate the season. Make your home a cozy haven from the cold or embrace the season—either way, make this post-holiday season one to remember with fresh decorating ideas.


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