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Design Tip of the Month: Styling and Accessorizing

When it comes to styling and accessorizing shelves (or other surfaces and pieces of furniture in your home) it can be somewhat challenging and even a bit daunting.  There are a few things I like to do to make my shelves feel more interesting and pulled together.

-First of all, I start with larger items such as books, trays, boxes or art (anything large that will take up some visual real estate).  I spread the larger items evenly throughout the shelves and make sure that the colors and proportions are nicely balanced overall.   I stack books vertically and horizontally and use bookends or other neat objects to act as book ends.  Be sure that each item you use is unique, functional, and beautiful, and consistent with the overall color scheme.

-Next, I like to add the other pretty things.  I always give myself some extra time to try different groupings with different materials, heights, shapes, and colors.  I prefer the trial and error method – I tend to purchase a few more accessories than I know I will need.  This allows me to have more options to create the perfect layers and groupings, and then return the items I don’t use.

-Lastly, I like to edit.  I typically step back and analyze my work to make sure that each shelf is not too cluttered, that there isn’t repetition in the items I’ve used, and that the color palette is represented evenly throughout the shelves.  Often times I need to pare down and simplify some of the groupings to make the shelves look more intentional and less crowded.  Good luck and have fun styling and accessorizing your home!

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