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3 Reasons to Buy in a New Home Community

At EDGEhomes we are no stranger to new communities. For years we have built beautiful new home communities across the Wasatch Front. Each new home community brings with it a set of new families, new neighbors, new experiences, and its own personal feel and atmosphere. There are many benefits to buying in a new community; let’s take a look at three of the most important.


You’ve heard the old adage “location, location, location”- that’s because it really does make a difference! Where you live can make an impact on you and your family’s lives – from what the landscape is like around you, to nearby destinations, to the general lifestyle of the area.

Since we build homes all across the Wasatch Front, we understand the importance of location. As a home buyer, you’ll want to establish your location first and foremost if you’re buying in a new home community.

A Look at Specific Communities

All EDGEhomes communities are thoughtfully selected, planned, and carried out to be a great place to live – both inside the home and out. When you buy in a new home community, you’re joining a group of people who have also selected that area to live – they’re a part of who you see around in your day to day, and who your kids grow up with. A sense of belonging and support is shown to contribute to health and happiness, and being part of a community is a major part of that.

Currently our communities in cities such as Herriman and Saratoga Springs attract a multitude of people for their welcoming environment and convenience of everyday living.  With grocery stores and shopping in abundance- not to mention nearby schools to EDGEhomes communities, cities like this are a great place to live.


EDGEhomes community clubhouse and pool

Another benefit to buying a home in a new community is the amenities that are included in the community. EDGEhomes strives to provide single home, condo, and townhome communities with amenities for everyone to enjoy. Many of our communities have a pool, as well as a clubhouse. Some clubhouses include a fitness center, as well as a large room and kitchen available to rent out for events or meetings, or just to hang out in. Other amenities featured in various communities include: pickleball courts, hammock parks, large sandboxes, tot lots, basketball courts, trails, and parks.

These amenities are wonderful to have, because when you are part of the community, you will always have access to them – and even better, they’re right down the road from your house. Instead of driving to a gym or local recreation center, you could send your kids down to the pool, or head over to the clubhouse gym with your roommate and know that you’ll have equipment you won’t have to wait for. The convenience of these amenities is worth noting during your home buying decision, as they may shape part of what your activities, physical fitness level, and hobbies will look like while you live there.


When you buy a home in a new home community, you are paying for the quality of a brand-new product which has been constructed and inspected up to code, and is completely ready for you to move into. If we compare that experience with a resale home, you may find a world of a difference between the two processes. A resale home could potentially be a fixer-upper or even just have a few things – both internal and cosmetic – that will need an upgrade or money invested in to bring it up to standard.

When you buy with EDGEhomes, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with a designer and pick out the selections for your home- another advantage to buying new, instead of inheriting and potentially remodeling or redesigning what someone else has done in an older home. Choosing all of the colors, finishes, and more is an exciting part of being a new home buyer, and allows you to create your dream home, down to the small details.

Not only that, but you can rest assured that the electrical system, plumbing system, and anything else in the inner workings of the house is in brand new condition- and as an added bonus, one of our orientation managers will help you to understand all that’s involved in the house and how to maintain it at your final walkthrough. We do this because we believe in empowering home buyers to be knowledgeable and responsible in keeping their homes in great condition, since they’re meant to last for years and years to come.

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EDGEhomes model home and sale center

Now that you know a little bit more about why you should buy in a new home community, allow us to help you with the next step! Schedule a visit with one of our agents to walk through our model homes and check out the home- and the community- for yourself!