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Why Choose Quartz?

Here at EDGEhomes, we’re dedicated to providing our buyers with quality design selections for their homes. We believe that your options should be both beautiful and functional. Nowhere is this more important than in the kitchen, which is why we love quartz countertops- and so do our buyers!

Quartz has been on the rise in popularity the last couple of years as many are finding that they prefer the material over others such as granite or laminate. This is due in part to its appearance, as well as the low amount of upkeep involved. Here are a few of the reasons you may want to choose quartz for your own kitchen:


Comparable stones to quartz- such as granite and marble- have to be resealed every six months to a year to maintain their longevity. In contrast, quartz countertops will never require this type of maintenance, since the natural stone that makes up the quartz is combined with a small amount of resin. Instead, all that is required to maintain quartz is cleaning up spills and washing it when needed with water and mild soap.


The nature of quartz lends itself to being a safe surface for your family. Since it is nonporous, it is highly resistant to bacteria, making it a great option for both kitchen and bathroom countertops alike. They’re also more mold and mildew resistant.

Strength & Durability

Not only does its nonporous nature make quartz safer, but it also makes it extra stain resistant! Additionally, this stone is also scratch and chip resistant. Since it contains additives like polymer for extra durability, quartz is one of the hardest minerals available for residential use.


Since quartz is mostly natural with a touch of resin and polymer, this means that you can choose from an even bigger variety of colors and patterns while still keeping the look of the stone itself. The color is added to the blend during the engineering process. Other stones like granite have natural imperfections like fissures and unbalanced color from one side of the stone to the other, so if you choose to use them you’re selecting from an already established pattern. If you’re looking to personalize things more, there are tons beautiful colors and unique patterns of quartz on the market.


Quartz is the kind of stone that gives you the best quality for its price tag. Quartz costs less than marble, and about the same as mid-level granite, while giving you the same kind of look and the added bonus of having the highest durability of any countertop material.

See For Yourself

It’s easy to see why so many people are switching to quartz countertops. We want you to choose what’s best for your lifestyle and taste! Check out our design studio gallery  for a sample of some of what we offer for design selections or try out our design inspiration tool  to virtually test a variety of kitchen options.