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What’s the Difference Between Modern & Contemporary Interior Design?

Moving provides the perfect blank canvas for new perspectives and dimensions to work with. Whether you’re in the market to purchase new furnishings or not, a new layout provides ample room for new decor and style choices across the home.

Two of the most popular, but often considered to be interchangeable styles are modern interior design and contemporary interior design. While similar in nature, the two are quite different in defining characteristics.

What’s the Difference Between Modern and Contemporary Interior Design?

If you’re looking to incorporate Modern interior design (furnishings, decor, etc.), focus on simplicity by featuring neutral colors and using more natural materials like wood, stone, or leather. Normally, the interior is whitewashed, allowing colors, furnishings, and decorations to pop out. If interested in a more Contemporary design instead, use more industrial materials like steel, concrete, and glass, and implement geometric shapes or lines. You want to follow a ‘clean’ or minimalistic approach using neutral or black and white colors and furnishings or decorations that are unique and purposeful.

All About What’s Modern

This style is simple without being boring, and functional without the frills.

Modern interior design is entirely focused on form, charm, and the modern art movements integrated into the home.

Typically, modern decor pieces and furnishings come in neutral materials and colors (such as greys, tans, browns, blacks, whites, creams, forest greens, olive, and shades of blue and red). These colors are used in a monochromatic fashion and are paired with patternless fabrications. The overall walls and aesthetics are whitewashed so that the color and art pieces have their opportunity to shine.

Modern design tends to also feature natural materials such as wood, stone, and leather rather than industrial materials, such as concrete and steel that are commonly featured in contemporary interior design.

Keeping It Contemporary

Contemporary interior design is more of a trend than a style. That means contemporary ‘style’ will adapt and change as the trends change. That being said, the general atmosphere of contemporary style is being fashionable without unnecessary or overbearing ornamentation; instead, this type of design exudes a clean style.

When it comes to color, neutrals, as well as the classic black and white, are the go-to’s. Black is a ‘grounding’ color that is accented by pops of bright and bold colors in the accessories and art. Another visual element that pairs well with color is the prominence of line and space. Visible lines are evident in many of the architectural details in a contemporary home and are often also incorporated into the decor, be that by using bold color blocks or geometric shapes across the home.

In contemporary interior design, less is more. Every piece of decor, art, and furniture ought to be unique and purposeful. That means no baskets full of fake foliage or paperweights shaped like a horse.

Contemporary style cuts the clutter, which you’ll thank your lucky stars for later on.

Picking the Style that Best Suits You

Creek Ridge Living Room Herriman

Decorating and designing a new home should be fun, not stressful. You’ll know what you like when you start to look for inspiration. Modern interior design and contemporary interior design are two of the most popular decor styles to date.

Perhaps you don’t feel attached to a specific style in its entirety, and that’s okay! Many people find it difficult to define their interior design style, instead choosing to combine styles to create their ideal interior atmosphere. Perhaps that means minimalist style paint and flooring, but contemporary artwork, furniture, and pops of color. Maybe it’s more modern, with a touch of traditional (also known as transitional style). Or, maybe you drift towards the bohemian style, shabby chic, rustic, or Hollywood glam.

No matter what interior design style you’re fond of, the sky’s the limit when you choose to work with a design-focused home builder or quick move-in home community. Whether you’re starting from scratch and finding your style as you go, or if you’re able to finesse an already-available layout, EDGEhomes is here to help you find your home.

EDGEhomes Knows Design

Whether you’re tied to one design style or experimenting with your own, EDGEhomes offers ample opportunity for customization and flexibility.

Say you’re looking for a condominium, or perhaps you’re after something more like a townhome or single family home, we have communities across Utah that are ready to go when you are. If you buy a townhome or single family home from EDGEhomes, then you’ll have the opportunity to visit our state-of-the-art Design Studio to meet with our professional designers who can assist you in picking out the design options for your new home.

No matter if you’re just starting your search, or if you’ve been at it a while and you’re ready to sign, our team of Interior Designers and EDGEhomes Agents are ready to make your dream a reality.