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Aug 05

Ways to Make Moving Easier on Your Kids

Moving to a new house or apartment is never easy on anyone. The adults have to take care of everything, from packing all belongings to physically moving them from one part of the city to another, assuming the new house will only be a few miles away.

If you’re moving to another city or crossing state lines and you have to hire a long distance mover, the entire relocation is going to be even more exhausting, especially for your kids.

In case you’re too busy with the move to realize it, your kids will likely be stressed out by the relocation too. For one thing, they’d be leaving their friends behind; for another, they will be moving to a new city and a new school where they have to start all over again.

It’s all right to be focused on making the move work. After all, relocating is no easy task and will require a lot of time, effort, and resources on your part. Let’s just not forget that our kids will be affected by the relocation too. Let’s make the move easier for them, and here are some tips to help you do just that.


Plan for the Move Early

If you’re going to move, you need to plan for it as early as you can. That also means you have to inform everyone in your household—your kids included of course—that they have to start preparing for it. Never tell them about the relocation a few days before D-day.

With the early notice, you will have time to get them ready for it physically, mentally, and emotionally. The idea of moving will sink in before you actually leave, and that should help make things easier for them when the day finally comes.


Get Them to Help Prepare for the Move

We all have the tendency to just do everything ourselves when relocating, but it wouldn’t hurt if you let your kids in on the action as well. Having them help with packing or any task related to the move does several things at once. It keeps them too busy to mope over the idea of moving and being trusted with certain tasks helps them feel a measure of control over the relocation.

Getting them to pack their things would be a great idea. So is involving them in the decision where to stay for the night, where to eat, or which attractions to visit while on the road.


Show Them the New House

If the home you’re moving into is just a short drive away, it would help if you can actually take them there to get them excited about their new house. Kids will naturally be curious about how their new bedroom would look, among other things. Explore the neighborhood with your kids to show that the place has a lot of things in store for them.

However, if the new place is hundreds of miles away in another state, you can still hype it up by showing them the house and the neighborhood itself online.


Pack Their Favorite Stuff in One Place

If your kids are too young to pack their own things, then do it yourself, and make sure their favorite toys, books, pillows, or any of their stuff that can help make them feel more at ease in stressful situations are in one place. You’ll never know when they’re going to act out, and it helps for their most favorite things in the world to be within your reach when that moment arrives. You might also need these things to help them feel more secure when they sleep for the very first time in their new room.

Moving does not spare children from the stress that comes with it. We can only hope that the tips listed above can help your child come to terms with the relocation. If the move is still hard on them despite everything, then just leave your kids be for the time being. While no one can ever guarantee that they’ll be okay with the relocation, most kids stand an excellent chance of accepting their new surroundings and will eventually be able to adjust.

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