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3 Tips for Organizing in Small or Tight Spaces

We’ve all been there before—trying to cram as many of our belongings as possible into the smaller areas of our home. The closet, the pantry, the laundry room—how do we acquire so much stuff? You may have even used this year to take a more thorough inventory of all of your things and are figuring out how to best store them. We’ll go over some ways to efficiently organize small spaces in your house and take some weight off your shelves—and your mind, too!


jars labelled sugar and coffee

A great first step in space organization solutions is labeling. Even though we may think we are aware of everything we have and where it is, that might not always be the case. In fact, often things that are out of sight can become out of mind, so labeling will help you know exactly what you have at any moment. Buying organization products for your home such as a label maker, tubs, jars, buckets, etc. will make keeping your home organized much easier.

As an added bonus, keeping things labeled can help you to spend less money instead of buying more things that you didn’t realize you already had, only to come home from the store and crowd the space with more stuff. Try labeling small tubs in your bathroom that you can slide under the sink, separated by category. Another small space in the home that greatly benefits from labels is the kitchen and pantry areas. In these areas try to label everything from spices in glass jars to plastic buckets with kids’ snacks. Having an inventory of everything will be a great first step to having all of your smaller areas nice and orderly.

Use Space Creatively

glass display table with decor items and artwork resting on top.

Sometimes when it comes to organizing, we limit ourselves to what our home comes with. Instead, look up, look down, look at the walls to see how you might be able to maximize different areas for storage and organization with a little bit of creativity. Think shelves, hooks, bookcases, or even lifting your bed higher to have space underneath.

beautiful open, wood shelving system in kitchen

There are countless Pinterest ideas for how to best organize these small spaces such as this blog about taking advantage of vertical real estate. This type of storage is particularly helpful for smaller spaces in the home such as the bathroom or the garage. For example, instead of having old tools and toys clogging precious space in the garage, try a pegboard for hanging the items, so that your car can still easily fit in the garage. Or, in your entryway or mudroom bring storage up to hooks, lockers, or cubbies, so that belongings don’t clog up the space and trip your family and guests. You’ll be surprised at the mental space this clears up as well!

Say Yes to Innovative Products

wall-mounted wood shelf with coat hanger beneath

There are plenty of companies out there that know how to organize a small space, and they have ideas and products you might not ever think of! Hacks like these will help you to find clever, space-organizing solutions, generally at a very low price. A lot of what you will find for DIY organizing small spaces involves hanging or re-structuring a space differently than you may be used to, but it will help free up living space that you might not even realize you’re missing out on.

What EDGEhomes Offers

upstairs loft with two desks, shelves, and a reading bench

We realize that if you’re reading this there’s a number of possibilities for where you’re at in your life, especially concerning your home, what amount of space you have, and what your budget looks like. EDGEhomes caters to a variety of budgets, lifestyles, wants, and needs. That’s why our product types are so popular in Utah from those looking for a little bit more space to those looking for a major change!

furnished living room with great lighting

With that said, even our condominiums and townhomes offer a great deal of room—with higher ceilings that create a single family feel and appealing features such as our roomy condo patios or our townhome backyards that are perfect for your pup! In fact, those that walk through or buy an EDGEhome often remark on how abnormally spacious the typically “smaller” areas of the home are, such as the pantry, the laundry room, the closets, and the garage.

If you feel like perhaps more than a reorganization it’s time to relocate for some more space, we are sure to have something for you!