We are pumped for spring cleaning! If you’re geared up and ready to go, here are 10 “must-clean” areas of your home. Let this checklist be your guide as you spruce things up!

1) Dust & Clean Overhead Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans

Brighten up rooms and keep dust to a minimum by cleaning your overhead fixtures. Just make sure all of your fixtures are turned off before you climb up there and start cleaning!


2) Wash Windows and Drapes

Large living space with windows and curtains.

Depending on the material, you may be able to just vacuum drapes, but check the label to be sure. For really stinky drapes, it’s best to hand wash them in cold water.


3) Vacuum Behind and Underneath Furniture

An open concept home with lots of furniture including couches and chairs.

Scoot that sofa to the side and you’ll probably uncover a secret world of dust and dirt. Not to mention crumbs and miscellaneous items between the cushions!


4) Scrub Mold and Soap Scum

Mold is most common in dark, moist areas such as your bathrooms, basement, and attic. To kill mold and soap scum, mix a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide!


5) Scrub Refrigerator

Large double door refrigerator inside a home.

Banish bacteria and prevent food poisoning by cleaning out your fridge. Toss anything that’s rotten, expired, or just plain questionable. Tip: Keep things fresh with a box of baking soda!


6) Freshen the Floors

Break out the broom and vacuum! Before you begin, squeeze fresh lemon or lime into your vacuum bag. This will freshen both the bag and the carpet.


7) Clean Out Dryer Duct

Lint builds up in your dryer duct throughout the year and can create a serious fire hazard if it’s not cleared. Make sure you clean both the duct and the exterior vent!


8. Deep Clean Toilets

You should clean your toilet regularly, but there’s no substitution for a deep scrub. Tip: Lemon juice and denture cleaning tablets are both effective toilet cleaners!


9. Flip Mattresses

Large bed in a gorgeous bedroom.

Flipping your mattresses will prolong their life by distributing the wear. Flip your mattresses over so the top becomes the bottom, and turn them so the foot becomes the head.


10. Change Air Filters

Changing your air filters regularly will prolong the life of your furnace and keep the air you breathe free from dust and allergens. Plus, it only takes about five minutes!


Freshen Up

Once you’ve gone through this list and any other cleaning items you wanted to tackle, you may want to look into sprucing up your decor or trying something new. After all, spring is the season for all things new, and now that your place is in tip top shape it will be the perfect stage for beautiful design. Scroll down to our section on interior design in our guide to home design for some of our favorite ideas.