Our Quailhill townhome exudes effortless design style that immediately makes you feel at home. It’s easy to achieve this traditional, cozy look in your own home. We’ll show you room by room how our designers achieved this style- and give you links to get the pieces for yourself!

Disclaimer: Some of the furniture used in this model home has since been discontinued, so we have included a link to similar items when applicable. 


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Great Room

How cozy is this great room? It’s a  perfect example of how to mix lighter tones such as cream, white, and ivory- without things looking bland! Another fun element in this room is the use of the velvet bench as a sofa, which also adds texture to the space.

Kitchen and Dining Room

Clean and simple design lines in the kitchen and dining area allow the finishes of this home to shine. The wood used for the table and chairs, as well as the barstools, blends seamlessly with the paint and flooring.

Master Bedroom

The four poster bed in the master bedroom adds a level of sophistication to the room. Again, our designers chose to blend white and cream tones here, to create a soft and elegant aesthetic.


Girl’s Room

We love the use of the rug in this girl’s room to add depth and color to the room.

Boy’s Room

This boy’s room employs good use of both bold elements- like the patterned rug and the rich tone of the bed- with softer elements, like the white chair and nightstand.