If you’re moving or have recently become a new homeowner, then you know there’s a seemingly endless list of to-do’s involved in the process. In the midst of the chaos there may be a few overlooked items you’ll want to have once you’re moved in. To make life easier for you, we’ve compiled those homeowner items here!

Nonobvious Items
interior view of a bathtub and toilet

Imagine this: you’re completely moved into your new place, looking forward to finally relaxing, you step into your bathroom and – there’s no shower curtain or rings! Items like these can take you by surprise, as we get so used to them being in our houses. Be sure to buy those items in advance, as well as some others you might not have thought of, including: curtains for windows in any given room, lightbulbs, garbage cans, garbage bags, door mats, bath mats, and toilet paper.

Safety Items
Woman opening steel safe with electronic lock, closeup

“Moving is the perfect opportunity to take an inventory of what types of safety items you [need].”

It might not be the most fun thing to spend your money on, but it just might end up being the most important: safety items for your home and family. Moving is the perfect opportunity to take inventory of what types of safety items you have on hand already, what might be broken, what needs batteries replaced, etc.

Some examples of these safety items include: carbon monoxide detectors (check to see if your fire alarm system includes these already, or if there are some areas of the house that you might still want to buy one for), a rope ladder for fire escape, a doorbell system and/or a home security system, and a safe for high-priced items or weapons.

small hand-washing sink with window and tray of hand soaps

This is an often overlooked category for home items when you’re in the middle of the moving process or in your new home. If only things stayed bright and sparkly forever! In the meantime, be sure to run to the store and grab yourself some cleaning supplies. Examples of items to have in your cleaning kit include: soaps for every bathroom, sprays and disinfectants, rags, paper towels, and plungers and toilet brushes for every bathroom.

young happy family married couple dreams of renovating house and planning design project

Like safety items, tools should be taken stock of during the move to assess what you have and what can be replaced. Maybe your age-old tool kit in the garage is missing several key items, or could use some upgrades! Make sure you have a standard toolkit with items like a hammer, drill and drill bits, a crescent wrench, a tape measure, nails, screwdrivers, and pliers. Additionally, don’t forget safetyware you might need while using the tools, such as safety goggles and work gloves.

In addition to these small tools, keep in mind other items that you may need while working on projects, such as a step stool or an extension cord. Also, before you clog up your garage with old machinery, see if you might need a new lawn mower, and depending where you live, a snowblower and bags of salt for winter conditions!

Extra Comforts and Luxuries

Lastly, consider what items you want in order to make your house more homey, lighten your load, or just something that you’ve had your heart set on for the home of your dreams! Examples of these items include a roomba for pet hair, a smart thermostat, black-out curtains for a peaceful night’s sleep, or perhaps even a chic closet or garage storage system to keep your new house spick and span! 

Keeping Up Your New House
young family on the porch steps of their new beautiful home
We love to empower new homeowners and are so excited for you to be in your beautiful home! If you haven’t moved just yet, don’t miss our moving checklist, and if you’re in your home already, you’ll want to check out these 10 important tasks to keep your house running smoothly.