Every day we’re faced with hundreds of tiny decisions. Most won’t impact our lives in a major way. There are a few decisions, however, that will have a long-lasting effect and shape our lives. Buying a home is one of those decisions. Investing in a home, taking on the duties of homeownership, and even living in a new location are all significant changes that will factor into this decision. Deciding on what type of home you want should be an exciting and thorough process that leads you to a great match. 

We work with people making the decision to become homeowners every day, and we want to share with you some key points you’ll want to consider.


The first step you’ll want to take is to narrow down types of homes to find which product suits you best at this point in your life. Depending on your budget, the amount of space you want, and the amount of upkeep you’re willing to do, this will look different for everyone.

row of lakefront townhomes by EDGEhomes
Townhomes in Lakefront at Vineyard Town Center

If you’re working with a slightly more limited budget, or don’t want a ton of space to upkeep, a multi family unit might be best for you! Multi family units have less square footage and share a common building or buildings within the complex. This might look like having a shared wall in a townhome with your neighbor, or having upstairs or downstairs neighbors directly above or below in a condo.

Besides the perk of having less upkeep (think: no lawn to mow, walkway to shovel, etc.), another appeal of multi family units is that they often have great amenities.

EDGEhomes offers condos, townhomes, and luxury townhomes all under the multi family product type, and each one has something different to offer.

two-story gray single family home with 3-car garage
Single Family home

For something a little bit bigger, and with more autonomy from your neighbors, a single family home may be a good option for you. A single family home is more likely to have multiple floors (including a basement) a yard, a multiple car garage, etc. A single family home will also bring with it a variety of options for floorplans, so you can have a bigger say in how your house is laid out.

Once you’ve qualified for a home loan, you’ll want to look into these options to see what will work best for you. For a more in-depth guide to product types, specifically those offered at EDGEhomes, check out this blog.


EDGEhomes designer showing counter options

As previously mentioned, there are various types of products and floorplans to choose from when choosing a home. Perhaps if you’ve been renting up until now, you haven’t delved much into home design. Or maybe you’re extremely interested in home design, and buying will just be another step for you in exploring your inner designer!

Choosing the floorplan will be a major part of how your home will look and flow, and be the first step in the home design process. The layout of the rooms, levels of the house, and how the square acreage is mapped out are all things you’ll get a feel for when you walk the floorplan.

Another aspect to home design will be selecting options and finishes for your home. These are decisions like what material the counters will be, if you want hardwood floor or carpet, paint colors, etc. You may want to start a Pinterest board so that you go into this process with some ideas of what you want. When you build a home with EDGEhomes, you’ll sit down with a professional designer to help you make the selections to bring your dreams to life. Learn more about our award-winning studio here.

Interior view of the EDGEhomes Design Studio


Whether it’s your first time buying, or you’ve done this before, everyone could use a refresher of how the process works. From loans, to rates, to down payments, it’s important to understand what all of these steps entail.

Understanding the big picture with our home buyer guide will help everything seem less overwhelming. All of these pieces of the home buying journey fit into the major puzzle of having the place of your dreams, so get excited! Choosing a home is a thrilling decision that will change your life for the better!

EDGEhomes agent shaking hands with a young woman