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Dec 07

EDGEhomes Orientation Process

Our Process

Here at EDGEhomes, we do things a little differently than other builders at your final walkthrough, which we refer to as an “orientation”. Most builders do a “blue tape” walk where the buyer will walk through and discuss anything they see that might be wrong with the house.

We believe that’s our job, so instead of spending your afternoon picking apart the house, we’ll make sure that 48 hours before closing the home is completely “move in ready”. We take special care to make sure all the touch ups and small details are done so that the home is just as clean and presentable as one of our own model homes. This means your only job is to show up to see your beautiful new home and learn from one of our orientation specialists about how the home systems work and how to maintain your place for years to come.

What to Expect

Before orientation, every one of our homes will go through the following process:

  1. First Clean
  2. Paint Touch up
  3. A Construction Manager will do a “blue tape” walk of your home
  4. 4 Days Before Your Orientation: A member of our customer service team will review your home using a scorecard. They will catch anything that may have been missed, as well as test all appliances, doors, and windows to make sure everything is functioning properly. These individuals walk every home—in every community—to make sure that all of our homes meet our expectations.
  5. 2 Days Before Your Orientation: The regional construction manager will go through the home and make sure all items have been touched up in the home.
  6. The Night Before/Morning of Your Orientation: Your home will go through a final clean, ensuring that your home is “Move In Ready” for your orientation.

However, if we missed something in our process, we’ll be happy to take care of it before you close, which is why we host this Orientation 2 days before your scheduled closing day.

At your orientation, you’ll walk together with your orientation manager who will discuss everything from how different systems are set up in your utility closet to where the extra paint is located for touch ups. You’ll also be given a packet with information and space to take notes, and will have time to ask questions about anything you may have seen or thought of regarding the house. Outside agents are encouraged to come to the orientation, but please do what you can to not bring children or to come with large groups. We seek to truly educate you on how to best care for your new home and to understand the warranty.

How Long Will It Take?

Orientation times may vary, but plan on:

  • 45 Minutes for a Condo
  • 1 Hour for a Townhome
  • 1.5 Hours for a Single Family home

Your orientation may be longer if you have additional questions for your orientation manager, or want to take notes on the information given.

This is an exciting time, at the home stretch of the home buying process! We are excited to show you the finished product, and look forward to seeing you at your orientation!