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3 Benefits of Quick Move-In Homes

Do you know what a quick move-in home is? You may have heard this term referred to within the context of the housing market and wondered just exactly what it is. A quick move-in home is already under construction and is a faster option than starting at the very beginning of the build process with a new home builder. We’ll review why quick move-in homes in Utah are a great option.

A beautiful quick move-in home from EDGEhomes

1. A Faster Build-to-Move Process

Perhaps the most obvious benefit to purchasing a quick move-in home lies in its namesake: the ability to quickly move in. When purchasing a quick move-in, instead of waiting for many months for the home to be built, the house will either be ready to go, or ready to move into soon – most likely within a matter of weeks.

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Normally, there are various factors that will influence the length of time between purchasing a new home and moving in including: what type of home you’re looking to buy, what the market is like, and even less obvious factors, such as weather. Knowing your quick move-in home is in its final stage and won’t be affected by winter snowstorms is one example of the beauty of going this route.

Young woman buying a quick move-in home with EDGEhomes

When purchasing a quick move-in, the process mostly just leaves you with packing and having everything ready for moving day. For those that have extenuating circumstances where they need to move soon, or perhaps for those that have their finances in order and are simply anxious to get into a new home, a quick move-in is a fantastic option. 

Brand new open kitchen and living room from EDGEhomes

2. Everything Is Professionally Chosen for You

Another possible benefit to buying a quick move-in home is that the home is ready to go, not only in the sense that it’s already built, but also that the options are chosen. If you’re overwhelmed by starting from scratch on a brand new home with the process of choosing flooring, lighting, etc., this could be a great option for you! 

“A quick move-in will save you tons of time in the end!”


Since EDGEhomes buyers meet with professional designers to select their options for both townhome and single family homes, this ensures a professional and put-together look, no matter the home. Again, these aspects of a quick move-in will save you tons of time in the end!

3. See What You're Buying
EDGEhomes always has beautiful, quick move-in homes with our professional designers’ touch that are ready to move into. See our list of quick move-ins near you! 
Lastly, with the home being further along in the construction process, you will be able to see the home in person, and thus better visualize final plans. It may already have framing done or even be totally finished, design options and all, allowing you to tour the house. Being able to see the home in person when looking to buy a quick move-in is a huge advantage as you can make a well-informed decision whether you like it or not. 
2-story home with 3-car garage from EDGEhomes



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