Salt Lake City in front of a snowy mountain front

While summer offers kids a break from school and many families a chance to go out and vacation, Utah winters pack plenty of activities perfect for a weekend excursion or a quick local outing. Whether you’re looking for a lowkey activity for the whole family to enjoy or an exciting new adventure, there are winter activities in Utah for everyone.

Here are the top five things to do as the leaves fall and the cold weather sweeps in for the season.


Mother with two children ice skating at a rink, one of the best winter activities in Utah

One of the most classic winter activities in Utah is ice skating. While Utah boasts beautiful mountains and scenery for larger excursions, ice skating provides an easily accessible and low-effort activity for adults, children, and college students. Utah offers plenty of local ice skating options for those who prefer braving the rink outside in the crisp air or those who would rather skate within a protected internal space.

Salt Lake City’s Gallivan Center hosts a gorgeous outdoor rink complete with holiday lights and music. Meanwhile, for those who would prefer to skate up in the famed mountain ranges, Park City Mountain Resort also has a beautiful rink for skating. There are also rinks in Millcreek, Bountiful, Cottonwood Heights, and West Valley, so no matter where you live, there is an option close by.


Wall of an ice castle, one of the best winter activities in Utah

For a more relaxed outing with much less skill required, the Midway Ice Castle is a top activity. Each year, artists gather to create a series of sculptures, tunnels, and slides within this large, walkable ice castle. While the castle is exciting and fun during the day, at night the structure lights up with bright LED lights to create a truly magical experience and great photo-taking opportunity.

Tip! Of all the winter activities in Utah, this one is particularly popular. Be sure to purchase tickets in advance to ensure your group has easy, effortless entry.


Two boys sitting on snow tubes, one of the best winter activities in Utah

If sledding down the hill at your local park doesn’t bring you enough of a thrill, try one of Utah’s several tubing locations! Tubing provides all the excitement and speed of sledding, but with the much-needed bonus of conveyor belts to assist tubers back up the hill with little physical effort.

For Utah and Salt Lake County dwellers looking for a day trip, Woodward in Park City and Soldier Hollow in Midway offer several fast-paced lanes designated for tubing. Meanwhile, for those in other parts of the state, Richmond, Vernal, and Brian Head also have tubing options at their local resorts.


Landscape image of Salt Lake City buildings against mountains

Not all winter activities in Utah need to take place in the snow! For the residents who prefer their thrills from the comfortable oasis of indoor heating and amenities, the Sundance Film Festival is a great option. This event occurs every January and features a wide variety of independent films.

While Sundance does have events and screenings directly at Sundance Resort, there are also options to see films in person at four of Salt Lake City’s theaters as well. The Salt Lake City tickets also give festival goers access to merch and live entertainment options throughout the multi-day event.


Man in blue ski coat skiing down mountainside, one of the best winter activities in Utah

No matter how extensive the options, no list of winter activities in Utah would be complete without skiing! As the state itself proclaims, this is “the greatest snow on earth!”

With several beautiful ski resorts sprinkled throughout the Wasatch Front, locals and visitors alike have plenty of options to choose from. For first-time skiers, Brighton provides great beginner courses and deals throughout the season. Meanwhile, for seasoned skiers, Solitude, Snowbird, and Alta won’t let you down. And for those looking toward the more popular resorts, Park City and Sundance have great season pass options available.



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