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Your Complete Guide to Spring Cleaning

If you live in Utah, you know how winters can be. Apart from skiing on the world’s greatest snow and playing in our winter wonderland, we also spend more time at home, staying cozy. All this time in your house may cause you to look around and feel the urge to do a major deep clean. There really are few better feelings than the relief after a good spring cleaning. Whether it’s spring where you are or not, you can benefit from this guide to a decluttered, cleaner home!

While spring cleaning may look different for different types of houses, from townhomes to single family homes, the process will generally follow a certain set of steps:


Why Declutter?

The most important part of the process of a spring cleaning is to declutter your home. This is where you’ll have to get serious about what items you have that you truly need. This is especially true if you’re currently in a condo, townhome, a home without a garage, or any place with less storage. A great mindset for decluttering is to be aware that you want your possessions to mostly reflect current you. This is part of why clutter feels so bad, it can actually take up space not just physically, but mentally for the things of the past or an unforeseeable future. 

For example, holding on to clothing that no longer fits, and most likely will not again, can represent living in the past and takes up room in your head and house unnecessarily. Also, watch out for anything you’re keeping “just in case”. This is where you’ll need to use your best judgement. Some things may be OK to keep, and you can also bet that a lot of those items could be donated to someone that could really use them, or tossed out. When the occasion arises, you’ll be able to get something for those “just in case” moments, we promise! 


Stick to a System

Create a system of keep, donate, throw out, and put in storage. A good way to keep yourself in check is to see how much each of the boxes or bags are filling up against each other. Try to get rid of more than you keep, and be sure the “storage” category is only for truly sentimental or seasonal items that need to be tucked away but still serve you. Do this for every room in the house. Get your housemates or family involved to make sure it’s a group effort and that there are no rooms where clutter is secretly still lurking after all is said and done! 


Once you have cleared out a good amount, you’ll have more room and it will make more sense to get to cleaning. A good spring cleaning should be thorough, or you’ll only make more work for yourself by doing double the cleaning later! This might involve some areas you’ve put off cleaning, but trust us, it will be worth it. 

It can can help to follow a list like this one to make sure you don’t forget anything. From the baseboards to your air vents, it’s time to get in there and scrub it out! Take time to wash anything that might not get a lot of love usually, like bath mats or dish drying mats, and to get into hidden spots like behind the fridge or inside your dishwasher. 


Your final, and perhaps most satisfying, step to spring cleaning will be to freshen up your house and spruce things up where needed. This might look like swapping out old items in the house that need replacing that you’ve been putting off, rearranging an area like your countertop space or a couch that’s crammed in a corner, or simply opening the windows and buying some flowers for your kitchen table. Changing your surroundings can create a shift in your mood for the better, and it’ll feel good to reward yourself for all that cleaning with a finishing touch! 


For a quick list to get our started, you can also check out our Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist with 10 easy tasks!