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Dec 12

The Willes Family—How to Choose a Floor Plan

For most people, building a home is the biggest investment they’ll make. We, at EDGEhomes, want to make sure you do it right the first time. That’s why we want to help you choose a floor plan that’s perfect for you. Watch as EDGEhomes and the Willes Family discuss how they decided on the floor plan for their EDGEhome.

From townhomes and condos to single family homes, EDGEhomes has you covered with our Smart Guide feature that gives you step-by-step help in finding the home of your dreams.

At EDGEhomes we make the home-buying and building process easy. With our floorplan layouts available online, you can easily browse every EDGEhome option. You can also check availability online and the accompanying location with every floorplan you search. And don’t forget that each floorplan is customizable to fit each of your specific needs.

Check out all of EDGEhomes’s latest communities on our website and check their availability, pricing, and more.


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