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Nov 09

Why Community Matters to EDGEhomes

Building a meaningful community is what we strive for at EDGEhomes. Whether you’re 17 or 71, the community around you has a significant impact on who you are. Yet in an increasingly isolated world, it’s hard to find communities that still thrive off of relationships. Reach past your digital screens and the four walls of your home into something greater with EDGEhomes. From caring neighbors to unique layouts, our communities feature one-of-a-kind places that transform your neighborhood into the community of your dreams. Let’s look at what makes our communities the best in Utah.

Space to Play

When you think of your dream neighborhood, what’s in it? If you’re like most parents, places for your kids to play is near the top of the list (and let’s face it — those without little ones also look for places to have fun). So, whether you’re a parent thinking of your children or you’re young at heart, we have the perfect place for you. Some of our communities feature wide-open spaces, swimming pools, or playgrounds that give you the space you need to be a kid again.

Space to Sweat

Don’t get us wrong. We love staying in and watching movies, but everyone needs to work up a sweat now and then. Our communities with gyms are the perfect place to do it. Whether you like cardio, lifting weights, or a mix of both, our gyms have it all. Want to mix it up? Some of our favorite communities are surrounded by bike paths and hiking trails to take your workout into the great outdoors.

Space to Grow

Living in the present might be the right mindset, but it’s not necessarily the best way to find the perfect neighborhood. When you’re looking for a home, future plans should play a major part in your decision. Whether you’re adding to your family or need open space for your growing pets, each of our communities has the room you need for growth. Just check out our Hidden Canyon Estates community.

Spaces that Feel like Home

The most important thing your future neighborhood needs is a sense of home and community. Luckily, our neighborhoods have both. Each of our communities have wonderful HOA’s full of neighbors that focus on your best interests so you can focus on what matters most—your family. Along with a caring HOA, our team works with you to create a place that you can call home.


Browse our community page to learn more about our award-winning communities.

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