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Sep 19

Welcoming NEW Neighbors

If someone NEW has moved into your community, it’s a nice idea to Welcome your Neighbor.  Here are 5 simple ways to welcome a new neighbor to your community

1. Go Over and Say Hello

The simplest way to welcome a new neighbor is to knock on his or her door and introduce yourself. Most people appreciate the kind gesture and are open to meeting their neighbors.

2. Bring Your New Neighbor a Treat

It’s pretty common for people to bring baked goods to their new neighbors when they move in. You can easily bake some cookies or brownies or bring flowers from your garden or a note with your contact information. This can make a new family feel at home in the neighborhood.  Check out our Pinterest page for ideas.

3. Invite Your New Neighbor Over for a Meet and Greet

This is an especially good idea if you’re friends with other people in your neigborhood. You can arrange to have a small get-together and your new neighbor can meet some of the other people in the neighborhood.

EDGEhomes is a Utah home builder that cares about the communities we build in. We have created gathering places to meet your neighbors in Lehi, Orem and the Saratoga Springs.

4. Offer Your Help

Offering your help goes hand in hand with a simple introduction, but it’s a great way to welcome your new neighbor especially if you meet that person on the day he or she is moving in.

5. Always Be Neighborly

If your NEW to an EDGEhomes neighborhood and don’t yet know your neighbors, it’s probably because they are NEW too.  Make a commitment to be more neighborly.  You might have to be the 1st one to say hello!

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