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Mar 02

Welcome to EDGE


At Edge Homes, we are committed to getting you in the home you want, where you want it, and at a price point you can afford. We realize that your house is not just a house; it is your home. That is why Edge prides ourselves on being mass producers of customization.We love to say, “yes,” where other builders say, “no.” We are the most innovative, solutions- based, home builder in Utah. We are buyer-focused, and will bend over backwards to make our customers feel in control, satisfied, and comfortable. Why fit your lifestyle to your house, when Edge can fit a house to your lifestyle?

With over 25 years of building experience under their belt, Edge boasts a management team that has turned us into the fastest-growing home builder in Utah! We believe in starting the savings from the bottom up, which is why our Edge customers are always amazed at the price points we are able to provide. Starting with strategic and aggressive land acquisition, we are able to pass on the savings to our buyers. This allows us to give you more home, better features, and better locations in your price range, than you would find elsewhere. Come see the EDGE difference!


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