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Apr 02

Vincent Floorplan Tour

Walk through the Vincent Floorplan with Kyle Haskell – EDGEhomes Sales Consultant
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I’m Kyle Haskell with EDGEhomes in our Vincent Model Home at Canyon Hills Community in east Lehi. I wanted to show you some of my favorite things in this Model Home.  Let’s check it out.

As you come into this Kitchen this is a great representation of EDGEhomes and what we try to do with your kitchen. Really open, a ton of counter space, beautiful cabinets. My favorite part about this kitchen is the pantry and fridge. Just giving tons of opportunity for space and openness.

One other thing I love about the Vincent Model Home is this great room.  This Great Room is very representative of most of our homes at EDGE. Big open feel a lot of light a lot of windows. That’s what we try to do because we know that this is the important space to you.

Then probably one of my favorite things about the Vincent Model Home is the Master Bathroom. Open great feel in here. I mean look at this tub it’s massive. Climb in there have fun in there.
Great thing about EDGE you’ll love the tub. You want a bigger shower go right ahead and do it. The awesome thing about the Vincent is you can have the massive tub you can have the massive shower, plenty of space.

So one other favorite thing I have  not necessarily towards the Vincent Model home but towards Canyon Hills Community here in Lehi is this view. This is
the reason I live up here and the reason most people  have fallen in love with this Community. Just amazing!
My name is Kyle Haskell thanks again for coming touring this model with us, the Vincent Floorplan in our Canyon Hills Model Home.
We’d love to have you come up here in person so come up anytime. click here to schedule an appointment,
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